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    六代目火影仙人 Rokudaime Sennin ™'s Avatar
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    One Piece One Piece Chapter 640 : "Fishman Island Rising"

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    One piece chapter 640

    Thanks for new chapter mangastream

    I don't think that luffy is the one who is going to stop the boat, i think that shirahoshi is going to scream for help to the sea kings...
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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Did Dekken seriously just pass out? I mean come on, die already.

    Also, Oda seems to be teasing us with all those match ups. I mean seriously, keep with your current enemy, stop switching between targets. (mainly upset that Chopper isn't battling Daruma anymore :C)

    Vivi hasn't changed much compared to Nami
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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    I'm excited to see what would Luffy do to destroy FI.

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    Senior Member
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    A break huh? Figured sanji wouldn't get any panel time this chapter lol.
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    chopper and ussop made this chap! love new confident chopper

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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    dang oda always taking a break at the climaxes, good chapter you can really see how much the weakling trio grew over the past 2 years. For them they used to run away first and when cornered fight, but know its fight first

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    Senior Member athary's Avatar
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    pff didn't like the chapter that much it's good. but my worst feare has come to reallity
    everybody is fighting a battle.
    damn hodi just won't die and VDD too seriously wath do you have to do to kill them!!!
    and on top of that oda is taking a break.
    i hope we won't get a 10 chapters of fighting

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    Strawhat Galkie's Avatar
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    Yay, Brooke and Ussop Got an fight.

    It does sucks that Oda is taking a Break... :(

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    Just.. Epic.

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    Awesome chapter.

    Though how do you know when Oda is taking breaks and when chapters come out etc etc?

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