Have you ever heard of Professor Munakata Tadakusu?

He is the protagonist of a successful series of manga created by Yukinobu and published weekly in Japanese manga magazine, Big Comic.

The ten episodes have been collected in one beautifully illustrated book by the British Museum Press and will be published in October. This is the very first time Professor Munakata is available in English!


Usually preoccupied with solving mysteries in Japan, the Professor of ethnography found himself embroiled in a mysterious criminal plot in the British Museum after a small display of Yukinobu’s work was shown there in 2009.

Esteemed for his expert knowledge, the Professor is invited to deliver a lecture at the British Museum on mythology and folklore. But when the Stonehenge megaliths suddenly disappear during his visit, the Professor must immerse himself in the history and deep-seated rivalries of Europe to foil a sinister scheme that endangers the museum and many of its most important collections.

I'm currently working in the Marketing and Publicity Department of the Britishm Museum Press and we just received advance copies - It looks amazing!