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    Will Itachi meet Madara one time during the battle?

    I know Itachi said he will leave Madara to Naruto, but i just think he has to face Madara one final time! I would love to see Madara's look of shock when he tells him he broke free of the Edo-Tensei because he gave Shisui's eye to Naruto. And also Itachi can really go all out to get revenge against him for manipulating sasuke? OMG

    My Idea is that after Itachi takes care of Kabuto Madara will catch him and then they will meet.

    What do you think?

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    a man can dream...

    but i doubt it. lol

    then again.... it could happen >:]
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    my honest opinion is madara will watch kabuto die so he wont have to hand over sasuke but then kabuto does somthing to itachi that kills him in the end.
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