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    Yeah, I have no idea what Fay was talking about...but it did seem like Syaoran and Watanuki paid the same price. But I wonder what it was...I wonder if that was when Watanuki paid the price for being able to stay in the shop and grant wishes? Or did he give up his freedom/ability to leave the shop to do that? And I have no idea what the whole thing with the feather was...

    I also kind of got that impression too about Watanuki having customers but not being able to help them. I reaalllly, really hope that his next customer is Yuuko incarnate! Either that, or Fay or Kurogane incarnate, because I feel like we got ZERO closure on either of them.

    And I think the person in the second panel on that page is Watanuki...he just looks all bleached out because of the light.

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    The customer wasn't Yuuko :( The silhouette of the blind lady when she first appeared
    had me convinced it was. . . Shadows are so deceiving. Maybe next time. Apparently, Watanuki's well being is at risk when it comes to choosing a method of payment for his clients and he's been physically injured as a result of taking too much or too little.

    Not much to say this time around. . . I'm glad it was 18 pages. Looks to be ready for a new development. Maybe reintroducing the old characters we haven't seen post-timeskip is in order. . .

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    I recently started reading xxxHolic. Around how many chapters in should I stop to read TRC?

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    I don't think it's that important. . . I didn't start reading TRC until well into xxxholic. The stories aren't so intertwined that it's absolutely required to read the other at a certain time. At least wait until Syaoran and Sakura first appear in xxxholic before reading TRC. . .

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    Tsubasa World Chronicle - Nirai Kanai-hen
    also let's not forget that the sequel to xxxHoLiC was completed (although it's still being scanlated, IIRC):
    xxxHoLiC Rei

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