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    Naruto 555 Discussion / 556 Predictions

    Naruto chapter 555

    Mangazone has just released new chapter

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    Excellent chapter. Not the way I expectet Naruto to win, thought it he would do it by power, but maybe Kishi realized how bad he massed up with the Nagato fight and wanted to repair the damage, anyways, it was a much better way of defeating the Raikage then I could have hoped for, really awesome.

    Really laughed at Kabuto's rime tho

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    cool chapter...that mizukage is a beast. glad to see naruto use sage mode again

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    A tuesday release????? Almost seems too good to be true! Yay scanlators!

    Anyway, glad to see there are still benefits to using Sage mode over kyuubi mode, cant wait until he finds a way to combine the two.

    Heh, Raikage hurting himself, nicely done Kishi.

    So thats THE REAL NARUTO, i knew it, it just seemed too weird for it to be a shadow clone.

    Chapters seemed extremely short wtf.

    Damn Mizukage is a beast, hes not even fighting with his own will and hes raping everyone.

    I wonder the t-kage is up to.

    Narutos wrong about gaara having the best defense, that category goes to Sasuke. Actually Itachi if you wanna count the living dead.

    I also realized something about naruto's rasenshuriken. The way he he used it against Kakazu varies greatly from the way he used it against Human Path. With Kakuzu the rasenshuriken expanded into an orb and hurt Kakuzu on a cellular level leaving the body intact. Against the human path, the rasenshuriken didnt turn into a orb, it just kept spinning until the technique ended, which is why only human paths head was left. I think if Naruto had left that variation against the The third raikage, then he would have been distintegrated as well before he regenerated.
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    Mangastreams version:

    Good chapter.

    Here I thought we were going to see Naruto use the tailed beast bomb in action and then failure. But good on Naruto to figure out the Raikage stabbed himself with his technique.

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    "hey. is that it?" LOL
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    Good to see Naruto activate Sage Mode on demand, but it's kinda funny when you think about it. He can control a vacuum of natural energy and balance it perfectly but he still can't pull of a tailed beast bomb.

    Maybe he needs to do a Sage+Kyuubi combo to pull it off.

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    @Elitkage, It seems there are two FRS or Two ways to use FRS, I had been wondering too.

    This chapter seemed short, but it also highlights why I like Kishimoto's work. He just keeps surprising me. I guess we'll have to wait for Naruto to perfect the BB, and for him to combine Sage Mode with Kyuubi Chakra Mode.

    Killer Bee is by far the LAMEST NINJA. Man takes a Pee in the middle of the biggest battle. If 3Raikage had killed Naruto, what would he say to the! sorry guys?

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    Hoe. Lee. SHIT!


    That is all.

    EDIT: How awesome would it be if Naruto was just "I don't know your name, rubber guy, so for now, I'm just gonna call you Luffy!"
    EDIT 2: Oh, and Temari, that feeling is you getting moist in the presence of such sexy jutsu! HA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    Good to see Naruto activate Sage Mode on demand, but it's kinda funny when you think about it. He can control a vacuum of natural energy and balance it perfectly but he still can't pull of a tailed beast bomb.

    Maybe he needs to do a Sage+Kyuubi combo to pull it off.
    Yeah, I expect this is the case. Bringing back Sage Mode now, after showing off everything Kyuubi Mode has to offer, and revealing that he still can't pull off a Tailed Beast Bomb in Kyuubi Mode... it's the perfect time for him to achieve the Ultimate Kyuubi Sage Mode!

    Naruto's skills have looked so awesome the last couple of chapters.. he's really learning to take advantage of both his Modes. Now when he combines them, he'll be too incredible for words. Can't wait to see him fight with Fox-Frog-Fu!

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