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    The allies on SS were predicted by both Yoruichi and Urahara, in the SS they were forced to split here they do it on agreement, they are newly acquired powers that they just fount out at the contrary of SS where they had them for quite a bit,
    Ichigo gets owned -> Ichigo makes a comeback -> Ichigo wins
    dude that's the manga battle outline.

    But yeah I see your point, the backbone of the history is very close but remember that details can change a lot.

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    that's the whole thing, wafflenet, if you've read other forums, people kept complaining about those things, and character comparisons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Manga progressing slowly... that’s true... but only because the fighting has been shown in detail, the detail takes up a few pages and there are only a limited number of pages in each chapter anyway if I remember correctly.

    In a way I kind of prefer it when the manga slows down a bit, that's because I watch the anime as well and when a fight is depicted in great detail in the manga it usually turns out to be a really good anime ep, then again that's probably because I’m the average stereotypical guy.... I’m all to see the story... but too much drama bores me and I’m always in the mood to watch a good fight.

    As for similarities... when you seriously think about it I’m yet to find one... rather than really stupid obvious things like Grimjaw being the new rival, and Ulquiorra being the strong silent type who's standing in ichigo's way and the fact that they’ve gone to HM to rescue a female. Stupid things like “oh there’s an old guy! There was one in SS too!! That means Tite Kubo is running out of ideas!!” is complete bull. Would you rather HM be full of little children who run around, dance and sing with the fairies?
    I agree that the manga depicts the fight scenes in more detail now with all the drawings but I also this it's just showing a lot of pics of people just looking suprised by the attacks or showing how 1 attack takes place over 2-3 pages. I wish they did a chapter with all fighting, that would probably be one of the best current bleach chapters.

    I want them to do a typical manga arc where girl gets kidnapped > Ichigo goes to save girl > Ichigo gets beaten up > Ichigo tries to save girl again but is too late because the other team saves the girl > Ichigo feels useless or finally ends up being a TEAM PLAYER!!!

    Ughhh I hate how Ichigo feels like hes the only one who can defeat the strongest bad guys, hes so full of himself its annoying, always worrying about his companions and never fully trusting them then when they get hurt or really messed up he always thinks the worst and "HAS" to go and save them. What ever happened to a team effort and trust and working together to accomplish 1 goal effectively?

    *sigh* lol Im wishing Bleach wasn't always about Ichigo but I know that will never happen....If you look at all the greats like Dragon Ball and Voltron and Gundam you see how the story might have 1 person they focus on but many main characters, ie. like how Goku might have been the focus but when he was beaten he trusted his sons to finish the battle or to defeat the main bad guy like Cell.

    Could this be the answer to making a great manga/anime series?
    A pie in the sky?

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