Alternative Name - Advancing Giants; Attack on Titan; Shingeki no Kyodai

Years of Released - 2009

Status - Ongoing

Author(s) - Isayama Hajime

Artist(s) - Isayama Hajime

Genre(s) - Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy

Type - Japanese Manga


Is anyone reading this wondrous manga ? Classed as a Shounen yet it doesn't suffer from usual problems of that genre, at least not yet - or not in such a substantial manner. The ordeals which characters face are utterly engrossing, and their psychological struggle only adds to the overall intensity. I quite adored the meticulous depiction of titans, with their redoubtable and ghastly appearance causing spine chill. I highly recommend this piece, enjoy.