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    Shingeki no Kyojin

    Alternative Name - Advancing Giants; Attack on Titan; Shingeki no Kyodai

    Years of Released - 2009

    Status - Ongoing

    Author(s) - Isayama Hajime

    Artist(s) - Isayama Hajime

    Genre(s) - Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy

    Type - Japanese Manga


    Is anyone reading this wondrous manga ? Classed as a Shounen yet it doesn't suffer from usual problems of that genre, at least not yet - or not in such a substantial manner. The ordeals which characters face are utterly engrossing, and their psychological struggle only adds to the overall intensity. I quite adored the meticulous depiction of titans, with their redoubtable and ghastly appearance causing spine chill. I highly recommend this piece, enjoy.

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    Can`t believe nobody read this!

    This really should be called Giant Killing. Oh wait...

    I can't help but to think this Titans are sent by Mother Nature itself. They don't kill any other living being, only humans, and they don't do it for nutrition. They don't have sexual organs, so they don't sexually reproduce themselves, so there goes the possibility that they're simply "created" from something. The colossal titan can be Gaia's response to the human city walls.

    Earth's punishment on the humans that infest the planet?

    i know this style wont fly in jump,but hell how can the Editor miss a golden egg.

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    I have read the manga and you should definitely read it too,because it's good in his(the manga) own way. There is gore,violence,nice plot,but the chapter translated aren't enough for me
    And down here are some of my thoughts about the story so I will be happy if somebody responds to what I think.

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    I think there are three or more people reading this manga from this forum. I actually created another thread for this in the Seinen section, thinking that it is more fitted there. I love this manga! You rarely see this kind of dark atmosphere in a Shounen manga. It's almost borderline Sienen... more like a shounen hero in a seinen manga.

    Here's that latest chapter!!

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    Already a thread for this,

    also this is definitely seinen....

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