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    Interesting Observation

    Don't know if anyone noticed this before but I found an interesting connection between Naruto and One Piece.

    Check out these links:

    Do you guys see it? Its pretty obvious. All three links show the exact same symbol, the three pupil like dots. Enel has the symbol on his ring drums, Sasuke's cursed seal has the same symbol, and the sharingan has the same symbol!!

    Interesting huh? lol
    So is it all a coincidence or what?

    PS: if this is in the wrong section sorry

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    We've seen this thread like, two times before.

    There's no connection. At all.

    It's a Japanese symbol that Oda decided to throw on Enel, and Kishi decided to use for the sharingan.

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    I think thats the sign for heaven....

    Considering in Naruto they called it the heaven seal, and in OnePiece Enel is like a god...

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    Its a symbol from Japanese folklore. I'm not even going to begin on this topic. Since the common usage of Japanese folklore symbols is over your head.
    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    I'm not trying to offend you by this post, but this is what i made a while ago by some events explained in the quote. (it's okay, there were not many users who had read this)

    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    I noticed two users creating the same thread called "One Piece ripping of BLeach ?!!!".
    Please do not create such threads anymore, as they're not related to discussing the manga Bleach, instead it is bashing the manga onepiece.

    Similarities in mangas and anime occur often, RIPPING OFF is a very harsh statement, mangakas sometimes steal ideas, but whatever, it's the whole anime/manga in perspective which you have to judge on...

    These rip off threads are pointless and will be deleted... Because of:

    1) Worthless arguments which are not discussable
    2) It was basically the same as insulting/offending/harrasing the manga and it's mangaka
    3) This thread would eventually lead into Insulting, off-topic posts and breaking the rules.

    However if you want to discuss similarities between mangas and anime, please use the Shonen, seinen, shoujo manga section or the general anime section since it involves 2 or more manga/anime.

    Please state your opinion by replying following the rules.

    Thank you.
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    also,its called tomoe, the tomoe is a common symbol, it appears everywhere. its also in tenjho tenge. and on a snack brand in hawaii, and in my family crest. everywhere
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    well gosh sorry if i'm not that well educated in japanese folklore symbols like you guys lol

    i just thought it was interesting how that symbol came up thats all

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