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    CP9 as a pirate crew

    what if CP9 were pirates instead of WG agents? What do you guys think their crew name would be, individual nickname, and how high their bounties would be?

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    I suppose you're not talking about a possible theory, but a maybe funny thing to imagine about, so... they don't look too much matures to be themselves a crew, I can't see Lucci or any of them being a captain (though some current captains are worse actually). They need a leader or someone who give the right orders (someone not Spanda), so... nah, I can't imagine them being something not related to a bigger organization.

    About the bounties, I suppose all of them would be around 100 Milions, and Kaku and Lucci's ones would be around 125~150 million berries, not much more.
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    If CP9 suddenly betrays World Government and become pirates(no idea why they would do that), their bounty would reach a total grand sum of 1000 million+. CP9 knows too much of World Government's dirty little secrets, including both Buster Call and the permission to kill any innocent civilians if necessary. Rob Lucci's bounty would probably surpass Luffy's due to that reason. The World Government would want the CP9 dead ASAP.

    As for name... Cipher Pol No. 0

    As for flag... a skull flag with a pigeon and a top hat.

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    o.o well, if CP9 originally were a pirate crew, they wouldn't b very strong cuz they wouldn't have gotten the training...but XD that'd b interesting if they just ditched the world government and decided to become pirates!

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