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    Yu Yu Hakusho and Hoshin Engi

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find either or both Yu Yu Hakusho and Hoshin Engi manga download i have looked for both and been unable to find either. thank you for the help.

    P.S. i am also looking for Buso Renkin there are a total of ten volumes and i have only found the first four, and all have been released already, thank you.
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    try for downloading older chapters, newer ones for yu yu hakusho are at rycolaa

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    thank you now all i need to do is find Buso Renkin and i am getting all the raws, but not the translation or a scanlation

    P.S. now the two manga i am looking for are Rave Master after Volume 21 and Buso Renkin after volume 4
    thanks for manga traders.
    and were can i go to look for the new Yu Yu Hakusho releases
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    Yu Yu Hakusho is finished, isn't it? At least the manga publication. If you mean the scanlations, you'll surely find all new releases on the website called Manga-Updates.

    About Rave, here.

    And about Busou Renkin, there are scans until the volume 4 so far, you'll have to wait for more chapters being released

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    ll the chapters for buso renkin are finished and i have the raw scans of them
    also i thought that yu yu hakusho had not finishedi will check thank you.

    The web site that has the released ones but i am not able to download them, i followed to the site that said to release them and it ias online read only.

    EDIT: Yu Yu hakusho has finished but i can't find the chapters beyond volume 17 chapter 6 but yu yu hakusho has a total of 19 volumes.
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    But are those chapters already scanlated?

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    mmm.. for Yu Yu Hakusho i have no idea, and for Rave yes because it is available to read online, for Buso Renkin no but the RAWs are out.

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