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    Berserk ~ Kentaro Miura


    This is a tale of friendship, betrayal and lots of bloodshed, a tale of a young mercenary named Guts... From the moment he was brought into this world from his dead mother's womb, he has constantly been forced to fight, never owning a single friend in his life. That's until the day we see him fighting a huge armored clad warrior, barely surviving the battle himself. After recieving his reward he leaves and finds himself ambushed by a bunch of mercenaries belonging to the "Band of the Hawks", little did he know that after battling it out with their skillful leader, Griffith, that he would serve under the very man that would one day become his most trusted friend. The tale of Guts has just begun...

    Volume 1
    Volume 2
    Volume 3
    Volume 4
    Volume 5
    Volume 6
    Volume 7
    Volume 8
    Volume 9
    Volume 10
    Volume 11
    Volume 12
    Volume 13
    Volume 14
    Volume 15
    Volume 16
    Volume 17
    Volume 18
    Volume 19
    Volume 20
    Volume 21
    Volume 22
    Volume 23
    Volume 24
    Volume 25
    Volume 26
    Volume 27
    Volume 28
    Volume 29
    Volume 30
    Volume 31
    Volume 32
    Volume 33-Chapter 292

    I added the first post to make it a bit more clear. ~gin0va
    Thanks for mgsplayer for posting the downlod links
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