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They have:
- on front:
- Guts as the physical attacker and evil eater,
- Serpico as the swift wind slasher,
- Isdiro as the flame piercer and bomber,
- half mermaid as the water and sound user,
- on the back:
- madame in distress Caska,
- support magician Farnese,
- attack and support magician Shrieka,
- summons:
- elemental spirits,
- fairy the healers,
- child of prophecy, the moon crawler,
- hellhound,
- event characters/summons:
- Skull Knight as the riding savior.

The Mustacho Knight could become their defender class character, since he seems slow and heavily armored.

Serpico is mentioned as the only one ready for the next step, but all other elemental users should also gain a power up eventually, especially since there might be a short time skip when they reach the island.

For the time being, according to Skull Knight, Guts have 2 choices/roads:
- save Caska,
- kill Grifith.

He can't do both. Seeing as he still posses the Behelit and the most important person in his life is Caska and that he already is quite powerful, by sacrificing her and becoming an apostle he should have enough power to take revenge on Grifith.

The other option is that he will get a new armor, just like Skull Knight got a new one (it's possible that the armor itself gives elf aura, rather than Skull Knight himself).

...huh?: http://berserk-confessions.tumblr.co...ro-miura-after

well, that would explain a bit, but is it true ? Plus I heard that he works without assistants ?

aww shit, that exlains alot