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    Quote Originally Posted by Truesoul View Post
    I know, it sounds absurd. But the absurdity of it just shows how big the emporer dude is now. He's probably the only demon so far that I can't imagine Guts beating.

    Although.... if he got a lift (probably by Zodd) and got dropped off onto his head, in the berserker armour, he might be able to rip his way into it's brain and chop it up good. Likely killing it.
    who cares? kushan emperor and guts are not enemies right now.

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    Still the fact remains that the emperor now sucks. That's what I think, at least. His powers and stuff were nice before he did that idiotic thing. And now, he's what? Incarnated hell? Wait, it's not so bad then... If it wasn't for the fact that he's a freaking enormous godhand-like monster. And I don't see beating it (it's no more a human character to me), as easy as getting to his brain. I mean, does he even have one?

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    Me Want New Chapters

    Know Where To Get New Chapters Anyone?!

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    The Emperor is a big Hattifnatt featured in the Moomin-troll cartoons.

    Sigh, my thoughts on Berserk are these: It's good, but manganakas don't seem able to finish their series before they turn to crud. I mean, it used to be all about Guts being kickass but the latest chapters it's Guts being surrounded by a bunch of faeries and sissies, Griffith being severely gay and the emperor of the Kushan empire trying to be gay repellant. For me Berserk lost alot of its charm after the second eclipse, up until then it was all good, it is of course still better than most mangas, but there's things that annoy me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarchris View Post
    Me Want New Chapters

    Know Where To Get New Chapters Anyone?!

    You can get them either here or at EvilGenius. It takes a while for each chapter though, so you'll have to wait.
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    This manga completey pulls you in i must admit i started with the anime but it left me wanting more i dont think i have ever thought it was lacking at any point... Truly berserk is one of the best out there. Guts life just total sucks so much you just can't help but enjoy those tiny rays of light he gets every now and then but it only hurts more when it comes to an end... I can't wait for more

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    is berserk on a hiatus ?? no update for a while now the last chapter was 295 rite?

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    New Raw: link

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    at last a new chapter been a while !. and we get to see guts and the gang tooo ha ha .
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    nice chapter but it feels like an year has passed by since i read the last one..

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