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    yeah in the manga the skull knight said we meet again but i dont recall ever seeing him

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    I wish more people knew and read or saw Berserk. If they had done the anime at lets say an adult rating they wouldnt have had to pussy the shit up most ppl that watch it are adults anyway

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    I would really like to thank the ones responsible for bringing Berserk here . Binktopia guys , I really appreciate the work u do , & I always wait for ur translations to come out , late or early . I read only Naruto , Bleach , Gantz , D.Gray Man & Berserk ( which for some reason comes out once every six months or something in the other site I used to get it from ) . & now u guys bring it all here in mangashare . Again , my thanks !!

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    "Hey thanks for emailing me. Why you dropping Fairy Tail again?????? It is one of the most awesome manga so please please keep doing it because I do now want to add other scans to my collection since it is not so good. If you need help I can help out with anything except I don't know how to do the manga typing and that kind of stuff. By the way, are you thinking about Code Breaker? If so, I can also maybe help with that too. Also, next time if you will drop the series don't email me. It is depressing news and I will rather just not know this time. Thank you."

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    ill be dancing till may, cheers to all involved, brilliant scan

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    Thanks for the scan. I like berserk very much, one of the best manga I'm currently reading. The storyline, characters and fighting scenes are awesome I kept on re-reading them
    Though I wonder why the chapter takes longer to come out.

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    berserk is definantly one of my favorites....the in depth feeling of it.

    the mangaka is truly skilled in giving the characters personality and life

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    Heh, I'm so grateful, though I wonder how come I hadn't read this manga earlier. I remember seeing this Behelit stuff somewhere around but that's about it x_x

    "Thank you so much for this delight" said Hiruko, mangashare's most creepy seinen addict <3

    edit: so gore though, especially the first four chapters :p

    btw kishimoto kinda pumped Zabuza from this Gatsu guy, didn't he?

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    Errm, sorry about the double post but I just noticed something. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, or if a bug in my winrar just swallowed bits of the scans, but it seems there are missing chapters in these berserk scans.
    I'm currently (struggling) making proper scans of the first three volumes, and I re-read some of the story's passages in my newly bought mangas. Well now, I understand why I had some kinda trouble following the storyline; there's a big darnd hole :o I haven't checked everything yet, but as far as I can tell there are several chapters missing in volume 08 - this one ends at page 133 while there are about 210-220 pages in this volume. So, I guess it would be better to check, for there might be several missing pages.

    Since I don't know the full story I can't really spot the holes - as I don't know whether a "hole" is a timeskip wanted by the author or if it is an archiving error - it would be sweet if someone possessing a little knowledge about it took a look, to check if there are other missing pieces.

    It's pretty kind to spend your time uploading scans for free, but it's also very cruel to let us read a story with holes in it :'( even though I guess you didn't do it on purpose hehe.

    I'll let you know when the scans for the holes and the first 3 volumes (these ones are kinda messed up) are done/found. I hope it will be possible to make a full berserk download list with no single hole in it and good or all-the-most proper scans all along the story. I mean, a classic's a classic, and since you call that a classic I guess it is a classic we've gotta have looking like a classic. See what I mean. x)

    Thank you for reading
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    New Raw Bink is probably already working on it but might as well post it here MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

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