Before we get started THIS NOT A "THAT JUTSU" thread, if you think this is the jutsu by all means discuss, but I didn't have that intention.

Could this heavy compressed black ball of chakra Naruto is working on(chapter 520) now be a Black hole down the track?

Bit of a physics lesson for those who don't know what blacks holes are according to physics in reality.


Ok now back to the fantasy world of Naruto, I think it would be a good idea to remember what Madara said about the So6p's izanagi technique.


Kishi more or less has followed the laws of nature where applicable of course, but sometimes he's gone off in weird directions, for example in Naruto's world lightning beats earth which we all know is total bullshit as earth doesn't conduct electricity. But again for the most part hes followed the laws of nature, I think, but don't quote me here, lighting is stronger than earth based from Chinese mythology something to with gods or something. Kishi has used dimensions so far as well such as with Madara and that mysterious dimension he can warp to, also kakahsi's ms technique sends objects to another dimension and not to mention time-space techniques in general, also genjutsu/soul transfer jutsu are also carried out in another dimension. So a black hole technique can fit into the Naruto universe quite well with all the plot mechanics kishi has put into his manga up until now.

Quoting Naruto after his chat with his mum.
"To become a bigger badass than my father"

I also just though I'll add the throwback from what we LAST saw from the previous all out battle between Naruto and Sasuke at the valley of the end. It could be a foreshadowing kishi set in place a long time ago.