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    rock lee will be a hokage one day thru shear will and guts
    he qualifies
    he cant do more then 1000 techniques but can kick ass when it comes down to it

    also when was mizukage slain?? i thought it was kazekage..didnt zabuza failed at killing the mizukage?
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    I would actually expect the Mizukage to be utterly, utterly hardcore, all things seem to indicate that Kirigakure is the only other village anywhere near Konoha in terms of military power. Kakashi and Orochimaru have both mentioned the strength of Kirigakure ninjas, it got the nickame "Village of Bloody Mist" for meat-grindering its Genin and it has the seven swordsmen. Kisame and Suigetsu are presumably upper-Jounin plus level ninja, with Zabuza being a strong Jounin and although they've persecuted their Bloodline Limit clans, they had some pretty awesome ones, Haku and Kimimaro (IIRC) so its impressive that they could eradicate them all. The guy who gets to the top of that psycho shark village must be stupendously powerful as well as brutal.

    Sunagakure is singularly unimpressive given that Gaara is its most powerful export, Iwagakure seemed to be doing tolerably against Konoha in Kakashi Gaiden flashback, so I wouldn't expect their Tsuchikage to be a pushover... Raikage is the only one we've had no hints on, but c'mon, Lightning Ninja? Got to be something in that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wafflenet View Post
    IIRC he was called the professor because he had learned every jutsu in Konoha. I don't think he was considered the most powerful, just the greatest.
    By the way when we say living Hokage, We are reffering to the Hokage of other countries at the time Sandaime was Hokage of Konoha. At that time Sandaime was the greatest out of the Hokage's of the 5 main villages. This has been stated in the manga. Moreover during his prime, he was so much more powerfull in comparison to other shinobi, that he earnt the title of God of Shinobi (this was probably before yondaime was even born), we learn this from Orichimaru. Its not surprising really, I think generaly Konoha produce the greatest Hokage's and Shinobi's.
    Quote Originally Posted by tatsukai1990 View Post
    well they said that the 4th was the greates ninja that konoha ever produced, and that the younger generation will surpass the older, so from that point the 3rd isnt the greatest

    Lol. We are not comparing all the Hokage's of Konoha regardless of wether they are dead or not. This is a comparison of the Greatest Hokaghe's from all five countries at the time when Sandaime was Hokage. Yondaime obviously does not qualify in that list as he was obviously not a Hokage at that time. Basicaly we are comparing one generation of Kage's from across all the main countries. Yondaime obviously does not fit into the comparison because he is too young to have been in the generation we are comparing. Besides, we are only comparing one Hokage at a time, and as Sarutobi was hokage in the time frame we are comparing, how can we add, yondaime to the comparison, this would not make sense as Konoha has only ever had one Hokage at a time.
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfox87 View Post
    A lot of the villages keep quiet and don't reveal too much about themselves. That's why a person can't just say that a certain village's kage is the strongest because there is not much information about he other villages. For example, the hidden village of rain has been hiding a lot of stuff and now we just found about Nagato - who is apparently the leader of Akatsuki. We don't know if he's Mizukage or not, but he certainly controls hidden village of mist and rain.
    True. However, Kishi writes the manga not you. If he informs us that yondaime was the greatest ninja Konoha produced, and that Sandaime was the greatest shinobi of his generation, this must be true, for the simple reason that Kishi is in charge of the story line.
    I see where you are getting at, it would be hard for us to guess the power heriarchy of all the Hokage, however we at least know who the most powerful are, simply because Kishi has told us.
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    My question is, do the other Kages even matter? Really, the other countries release maybe 2-3 great shinobi every other generation. The only other country with Kages that are even close to relevant, is the Sand. Their Kage was beaten, captured and killed. Twice.
    Killer Bee killed Sasuke twice. Sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sloanx View Post
    My question is, do the other Kages even matter? Really, the other countries release maybe 2-3 great shinobi every other generation. The only other country with Kages that are even close to relevant, is the Sand. Their Kage was beaten, captured and killed. Twice.
    Well the other Kages could be strong... We'll never know unless they are introduced... But tbh I want to know more about the Raikage haha sounds so kickass!

    Sasuke for Raikage?
    Orochimaru reminds me of Michael Jackson... Hes pale and has long black hair LOL

    "Come here Sasuke, I'll show you the true power of the white snake" ROFLMAO

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