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    D.Gray-Man 207 Discussion / 208 Predictions

    D Gray Man chapter 207

    New chapter 207 has been released ! Thanks a lot mangastream/Binktopia

    Mangastream reader

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    I would appreciate it if you just post MS links for the series we have. I think that's proper, at least for the MS-Binky colabs.

    Lenalee's hair is getting longer, I kinda miss the shorter one. Kanda's baaaaaaaack~
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    Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl daz bonez's Avatar
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    Finally ...damn another 27 pages.if only hoshino doesn`t treat this manga as weekly.

    The way Hoshino portrayed that whole graveyard scene makes me feel that link is dead.looks like Levllie "seting up" his death has fooling everyone.

    and we FINALLY get to see something of choji Innocence! o.O

    And Kanda-- just wow. I did NOT expect to see such a soft look on his face. owo Nice to see him back though <even if he was only gone, like, two chapters |D>

    but meh...whee`s Allen.......sob.

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    Good chapter.

    Glad to see Kanda back.

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    I live in a snowgloo :P
    OMG OMG OMG OMG I loved it!!

    Kanda's entrance was indeed a bit random but with the look on his face, he's makin' me fall for him all over again. Poor Lavi...3 months and he's still in those horrible conditions (or atleast that's all we can assume)!! From the last we saw of Sheril, he looked pretty darn pissed and I think that throw against the wall was not the last move against Lavi </3

    Yes Kanda, "Welcome Back!" is something you DO deserve because you and Allen are what makes this manga go round......and round and round and round and round apparently XD

    Okay October, September's a busy month for me so come soon, okay?! And BRING WITH YOU CHAPTER 208!! =D

    That is all.

    P.S- Thank you, Hoshino, that was well played. (Despite the 3-month wait)
    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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    Hmmmh....A chapter of DGM that I could actually read.

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    Sheril has an unhealthy relationship with Road. Think he's taking the overbearing father role a bit too far. If I didn't know any better I'd say he's jealous of the 14th. Allen being the 14th's container may also be the reason why Road is so close to him. Feel bad for Lavi, poor guy is in a really tough spot. Hopefully Allen will be able to spring him and Bookman out sooner rather than later.

    Link I'm hoping this is just one big coverup by Rouvelier, but that's just a sense of optimism sprinkled with a little denial on my end. It's a real shame if Link's gone, he was my favorite non-Exorcist/Noah character and developed wonderfully as the series progressed. From military lapdog, to one of Allen's closest companions he really changed his outlook on life thanks to Allen's influence.

    Morale looks to be at an all time low in the Black Order. Losing two of your most powerful exorcists will do that to you, especially following the disappearance of a General. Chaoji's resentment towards Allen is hardly a surprise, it's been built up successively with each of his appearances and with his life's experiences shaping his perception of The Earl and his minions in an understandably negative way.

    He's been extremely anti-Akuma (more so than the norm) ever since all his crew mates died back on Anita's ship and he had to witness them all disappear simultaneously after Miranda's Innocence reset. It was shown back at the Ark that he just about held Allen in contempt when he tried to rescue Tyki. He and Allen hold completely opposite ideals, and that's why they contrast so much and why Chaoji's the only one willing to accept Allen as an enemy. That, and he's a bit of an emotionally, brash bonehead. Though I can see where he's coming from.

    Johnny's the hopelessly, naive innocent, who can't bear to see his older brother-like figure be victimized for things he isn't directly responsible for. It really isn't fair.

    The chapter ended on a wonderful note. After Marie gave Lenalee a little added reassurance, in comes Mr. Grumpy Pants. Except, "What... no welcome back for me?" Well whaddya know, took him over 200 chapters but Kanda finally developed a sense of humor.

    Even though he hasn't been missing long at all, the month long spans in between chaps sure makes it seem like he has. Now that he's put his ordeal with Alma to rest, he can finally stop being so mopey all the time and lighten up a bit. Very happy that he was able to get closure, and can now help out his friends. Hope this new snarky, tease-like attitude of his sticks for a while. What was so great about it was that it came across as genuine affection, something Kanda's never been able to show before up until now. Glad to see his character arc gave him some longstanding change for the better.

    Oh, and that smile...unnaturally contagious. Must be because it's Kanda.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
    Where there's a will there's a way!

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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    ^ Awesome post as usual

    Allen is a General level exorcist if Chouji thinks he has a chance against Allen he is out if his mind. Poor Lavi his already half dead and as getting treated like a rag doll.

    After months without an update i was thinking we were going to get like a 40-50 page chapter, but nope what happened was she sick or something. I don't want D.Gray-Man to become the HXH.

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    Is it just me or has the art improved substantially since the last chapter (some of allen's face shots were like WTH is your anatomy at, hoshino?!)
    1) I reckon sheryl and road's noahs used to have a thing going on, they just happened to be of different ages this time (although road's like 45 somewhere...somehow I think she's an old lady somewhere watching everything...and a craddlerobber for allen.)
    2) Chaoji, glad to see he didn't just seeth inwardly
    3) lenalee's hair's been growing back nicely
    4) ouch, sheryl don't you know the fangirls are more vicious than noah? Back off the source of their squealing.
    5) seriously kanda? you got a get out of this place free card. I'm sure everything you need to do you can do outside the order. Unless, of course, in the last 3 months you and your travelling scarf have met up with a certain moyashi and have come to realize, perhaps the heart is at the heart (no pun intended) of the order? methinks hevlaska, just cause she became a saint, and may have been kept alive to remain the heart's accomodator - after al as a guardian she's fairly weak, and she seems to be the only one to manipulate the innocence without being an actual accomodator. And, by keeping her in this state, hopefully she wouldn't have died by the time the heart needed her? it would ahve certainly given the leviours (lol spelling) a lot more prestige than if they'd only had 1 member as a saint.

    tyki did NOT look like tyki but, on a side note...KRORY KINS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!~! <3

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    Nice.. been waiting for this chapter.. Chouji is full of himself. He thinks he has a chance of winning against Allen 'lol. Glad to see that Kanda is back.
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