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    Oops, seem like i mixed up a few names... Sorry about that :p

    As for romeo, i just think that it's a pure entertainment, nothing deeper. It's like in one piece, oda tends to draw pictures but aren't of any use to the story.
    Mmh, i still think that's weird that zeref left the island looking innocent and arrive to the ship looking evil. Unless of course he was never innocent from the beginning. Anyway, i don't think that fairy tail will hear about zeref for a while. Zeref is on hades ship, if he killed all of them, fairy tail will not hear about this since they no longer have any contact. If zeref ally with hades, it would be the same. There may be a few chapters filler between before zeref and fairy tail future meeting.

    PS: No, i don't agree with you arisart when you say that natsu cried in gildartz battle. I mean yes he was definitely crying but not the smae way as he was crying in charles prediction. I reread the whole chapter and made sure of it.
    In gildartz battle, he was trembling first, no tears. It was after that gildartz lectured him that he started crying but his head was facing the ground and he was no longer trembling.
    In charles prediction, he was trembling and cryingand was looking in front of him. It may be just details and mashima didn't intend to make any difference but i still think this prediction hasn't come.
    Anyway, it wouldn't be in chronological order, cana (sorry for the confusion) cried first and then natsu trembled in charles prediction, but in the story, it was natsu who trembled first and then cana cried after.

    So i'm still holding my theory that natsu may cry when he will meet someone important to him, hence i still hope that the dragon arc will be soon enough.
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    Great chapter. A lot of nice and funny moments. I wonder what happened to Meredy and Ultear?

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    Im trapped in Kakashis Kamui jutsu with Deidaras arm
    Gildartz paying laxus out was the best lol

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    Eh standard end of arc epilogue. Ho-hum. Killer spread with the other Fairy Tail members just hate THIS is their only contribution to the final fight. Bah

    Seriously Hades THAT was your reason for betraying FT? "Oh theres bigger magic out there, so I'll turn evil to get it. Derp de doo" (Roll eyes) Whatever.

    Outside of that, not much to complain of. Enjoyed the guild just messing around, especially the Rajinshuu hugging Laxas. So cute.

    So Zeref awakened now...uh...k. I guess the island magic was suppressing his evil magic or something. I don't know. Well hes finally in the story now, so we'll see how "horrible" everyone make him out to be.

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    i really hope a time skip is not coming i mean you guys know how i feel about time skips lol or at least big ones any way. but it should be cool to see how this develops after the battle.
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    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
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