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    Bleach Bleach Conspiracy Theory SPOILERS

    lol the title seems a bit funny.

    anyway me and my friend who are huge fans of the anime and manga, a while ago were discussing Ichigos dad: Isshin
    But I didn't think so... anyway heres my theory


    anyway what do you guys think (a bit crazy i know lol)

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    It seems that Isshin was a captain, but I highly doubt there was a former noble house of Kurosaki, or rather I have no doubt in my mind that there have never been such a thing. The shoulder protector is for protection(lol)(and Yoruichi have not been shown to wear such a thing). If there ever was a noble house of Kurosaki it would mean that it's one of the oldest family's there is(since noble families are the oldest and richest ones) and some, most likely all/most, of the citizens in ss would have known about it. In short: No way.

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    God, we had these discussions like... over 2 years ago? Or something. Why do people feel the need to make new threads, especially threads with information that is reurgigated from previous posters? There is a forum search tool, please use it. If your question is not answered, then please post in the Ask a Question thread unless you think your topic is so large it warrants its own thread (e.g. Zaraki's zanpakuto discussion we have in the chapter thread).

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