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while you guys are saying that it would be unlikely to happen, I say, it wouldnt be a surprise. You forget about Naruto's "hug-nojutsu". The way the series has been working, aside from Saskue, the Kyubi is Naruto's only other obstacle. It seems only logical that Naruto will change the Kyubi, the same way he'll end up changing Saskue, at the end of the day (series). One thing that specifically stands out is when Naruto apologized to the Kyubi when he sealed him using the Rikudou seal. Mark my words, the Kyubi and Naruto (along with Saskue) will beat Madara. But, Naruto and the Kyubi will work together during that fight (Bee and Habichi style), and if you dont think so then your fooling yourself (see my signature pic).

I dont know if there will be a training involved, but they will work together.
Yes! someone who agrees with me.

I dont know if the kyuubi will teach naruto an acutual technique, but i think they will help each other as a team because the last time they talked. naruto now seems friendly with the kyuubi, he even jumped on his nose and gave him a pat on the head.

my idea with the kyuubi having knowledge of jutsu is when naruto resealed the kyuubi, he stated the seal was "the sage of six paths" my idea was maybe the kyuubi has memories of when he was part of the jyuubi and inside the sage of six paths himself.