In the lastest chapter, 552, Itachi said Naruto will face off against Madara, most likely as the final battle of the series. So, i had this idea about maybe Naruto would receive one more quick training session. I think maybe its possible the nine tails himself could teach naruto a new technique, here is why.

1. The Kyuubi was sealed within Kushina uzumaki, who knew tons of sealing techniques.

2. The Kyuubi was sealed within Mito Uzumaki, another person who probably knew tons of sealing techniques.

3. the Kyuubi was in the possession of Madara before his battle with the first hokage, so perhaps the Kyuubi knows a lot about Madara's powers and weakness?

4. The Kyuubi seems to have a memory to when he was part of the Jyuubi, as he remarked that naruto is similar to the sage of six paths in chapter 500 when Naruto resealed him after taking control of him.

Overall, i could see this happening so that Naruto could have some advantage against Madara when the fight comes.

What do you think?