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    Naruto's wind blade jutsu

    This an old thread I made a long time ago after seeing this encounter with Naruto and the third raikage fight this thread came to mind. For some reason it got deleted.

    I thought up a wind nature jutsu that Naruto could pull off and add to his arsenal. I think its very versatile and Naruto has already performed it to a degree but not as standalone technique.

    If you guys recall back to the wind rasangan he used against Kakuzu it had microscopic wind-blades that attacked his body on a cellular level. The wind blades severed the chakra and nerve channels in the body, Tsunade said this damage can't be repaired by any medical ninjutsu.

    I think Naruto could perform the blades on their own, obviously he still needs chakra to transform it to wind but it wouldn't need as much chakra to form the blades around a Rasengan.

    This is similar to the chodri, Kahashi showed Naruto during their training you could change its scope and power via shape manipulation, Naruto could to the same with the wind blades. For example Naruto could make them very small to see, (for the naked eye that is, the chakra is still there) used to attack a target internally like the picture above or make them large and cut targets in half like the wind rasengan did to the pain bodies below.

    The key difference between using the wind blades alone compared to the wind rasengan is that Naruto would probably only be able to use one blade at a time. On the other hand the wind rasengan such as in Kakuzu's case, there were so many wind blades attacking, Kakashi could not count them all even with the sharingan.

    The obvious danger to all this Naruto cutting himself, just like Naruto could through the wind rasengan I think he could fire/throw the wind blade, and again this wouldn't use as much senjutsu chakra like the wind rasengan. Also once thrown I think unlike the wind rasangan the wind blade wouldn't be able to expand much at all as the blade isn't linked with an advanced form of shape manipulation like the rasengan. If you notice when a wind rasengan expands almost all the expansion comes from the rasengan, I can see naruto doing this more offen to catch people off gaurd at the last second when using the rasengan.

    Also this the recent encounter with the third raikage.

    That's about it, a good analogy of this is Naruto walking around with a loaded gun.
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    In my honest opinion, with Naruto being able to spam the Rasengan in all its forms and variants near infinitely like he's doing now, I really see no need for him to just make the blades.

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    idd, but i do think that naruto needs a few more long range options, altho the mini rasen shuriken would prolly be enough.

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