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    The Nintendo 3DS and some news

    Alright so..I searched up to see if there was a 3ds thread, and well, turns out there isn't. And if there is and I didn't see it, well, fuck that noise. This will be the new one!

    So right off the bat, for those who don't know, even though it's not brand new news, the Nintendo 3DS was cut down on price by almost 80 dollars or so. It went down from 249.99 to 169.99. This is news from...late July/Early August, since the prices changed on August 12th.

    Now, for those who got one before and feel robbed because you bought it for the original price, don't feel so robbed because as long as you connected to the 3DS e-shop before August 11th then you'll be admitted into the "Ambassador's Club" which will allow you to download 10 Gameboy games for free. And then later on, you'll be allowed to download 10 Gameboy Advanced games for free. The GB ones will be out for the public as well, but not for free, as for the GBA ones, they will only be available for those who are in the Ambassador's Club. See:

    NES & Game Boy Advance games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for those who buy (or have bought) a console prior to the August 12th price drop.

    If you own a 3DS prior to August 12th, you will need to access the eShop (if you haven’t already), and after that, will be granted permission to download 20 free NES / GBA games.

    Starting on September 1st, 10 NES games will be available to download *for free* to those who have previously qualified (as explained above). Some of the top titles will include:

    • Super Mario Bros.
    • Donkey Kong Jr.
    • Balloon Fight
    • Ice Climber
    • The Legend of Zelda

    10 Downloadable Game Boy Advance games will also be available to download by the end of 2011. The same rules from the free NES game downloads offer will apply. Some of the most notable GBA titles that will be available are:

    • Yoshi’s Island
    • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
    • Metroid Fusion
    • Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$

    Source: NintendoBuzz

    So ok, next up is:
    New color for 3DS. Flame Red color. I personally waited on getting a 3DS because I've always done that. Because knowing Nintendo, they would end up releasing more colors and even "successors". Kind of like the DS had the DS lite and the DSi. I'll get back on this later in this post.

    Next up is there's two rumors going around. FIRST ONE:

    Nintendo might be making an accessory to the 3DS, a second circle pad. There's not much detail besides it being a second circle pad being an accessory.

    01net has released a super exciting rumor pointing to the possibility of a second circle pad accessory becoming available to add to your 3DS. I don’t usually like to report on rumors, but 01net was very accurate on a lot of early info they released on the Wii U, so the idea of a second pad on your 3DS may actually come true. Instead of Nintendo releasing a new 3DS model that has a second circle pad, the rumor is that the second circle pad (as pictured above) would be sold as an accessory for $10.
    Second rumor being that there might be a redesign of the 3DS as early as 2012. Now, it's just a rumor, but the site 01net was very accurate when it came to the WiiU rumors, so they might be right again.

    Nintendo is currently preparing a new 3DS for a 2012 release. This new version would radically tone down the whole ’3D’ angle, with a new design and even probably a different name. In that perspective, the radical price-slashing, touted as a measure to boost sales, would also be a way to liquidate current stocks to make way for the successor…

    Sources: NintendoBuzz
    So there's a possibility that it might be true because of how the DS had the DS lite and the DSi. So..who knows right? Nintendo denied the rumors of a new 3DS design by saying that they were simply “rumors and speculation”. But even them just being rumors, it's not hard to predict what Nintendo does. I myself will be getting the Flame Red 3DS. And also, because of how they reduced the price of the 3DS. So that Nitendo won't lose money, they're trying to boost their sells on the 3DS to get rid of the units and then release the new redesign. The 3DS didn't sell well, or at least not as well as everyone including Nintendo predicted.

    I'll be including 3DS game releases in this section later on

    You can find out about Nintendo news by subscribing to Ninbuzz on youtube:

    3DS Price Drop, GBA Games coming to 3DS, Super Mario 3D Land & Mario Kart 7
    (Rumor) 3DS Redesign in 2012?, Second Circle Pad, Kirby Returns To Dreamland
    Nintendo 3DS vs PS Vita (Small debate between the two)

    Some more news that you can read about the stuff above (It's in french, so if you have Google Chrome, you can just translate it)

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