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    please tell me the next chapter is coming out soon and not in a week?
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    Think Naruto is going to kick asses since kyubi chakra is special, who knows what it can do to Muu. Also he can probably senses where the mizukage is and defeat him!

    Edit: Btw did anyone notices that Naruto has insane speed now so it really doesn't matter where he is, he can get to where he want pretty fast in KCM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTS View Post
    Gaara and Almara I 100% agree with both of you. It seems that some people are taking the last page to serious. This is one of Naruto clones, See below:

    This is when Naruto first sent the clones out to battle. This would explain the "Finally Arrived" statement.

    The Next chapter Naruto cancels KCM to check out one of Kabuto's edo summons (remember just because Naruto went out of KCM last chapter doesn't mean the clones dispersed).

    The next page Naruto goes back into KCM and heads out with Bee.

    This is evidence that even though Naruto loses KCM in the last chapter, his clones doesn't. Below is the same scenerio from previous chapters.
    Yep I take back what I said about it not being a clone, I forgot all about the first clones he sent out so it's probably one of them and when it "dies" Naruto finds out where everyone is.

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