Hmm since people are interrested and i was asked nicely i will help anyway i can

hmm i have dicided to help out by makeing this thread (just a little anyways)
so below is the cleans i did and below them is just the rough commands used for the preclean and also the cleaning part. (note: this is just roughly what you need to. there are also some other things. but if your just started cleaning this should be enough) [on a side Note: ReDrawing is a Pain. but becomes the only thing to challenge you later on.]


this is the base i used for my cleans above "hope it´s helpfull"

well i have a written tuturial with all the photoshop commands that you need and then an image by image view of how to use those commands and where and when + how to use them. Since it´s a hassel to post 43 images... just add my Msn to get them

this is a quick summery

Open file, then go to image> mode> grayscale> tick it if its not grayscaled.
image>adjustments>Replace color (fuzziness 60, brightness atleast 75) select the background color that should be white
Level, doesn't have to be spot on, just a rough one Duplicate layer, set opacity of new layer to 50%
this point if there is a lot of gray areas I do a despeckle filter, it evens them out
Diffuse (anistropic)
Level the new layer
Flatten and then a final level, this time getting rid of as much junk in the whites as possible.
Rotate and crop if needed.
when all thats over you have completed the Preclean...

here is the simple commands for the things above
__________________________________________________ _______________________
size 2000-3000
replace colour 75-80, 100, select back ground
level roughly
duplicate background 50% opp
diffuse (aristropic)
maybe level again if needed
flatten image
rotate if needed and crop
__________________________________________________ _______________________

Burn 20% shadows, large brush blacks
Resize to 1100
Burn 40% midtones small brush
Dodge tool, highlights 35%
and need to redraw in there too

Yay! for copy paste!

Since it´s a hassel to post 43 images... just add my Msn to get the step by step image walkthough (sp?) of each step in the cleaning process

i will send them in a rar file..

also dont hesitate to add me since i wont bite (i have already helped fellow Mangashare member iradj to learn how to clean)

plus if you have questions i will be happy to answer to the best of my capacity

PS. sorry for this Blabble of Chaotic words.. i am not very good at composing longer threads :(