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    Naruto 552 Spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
    No discussion is allowed here. If you want to discuss the spoilers, please do it in the Spoilers Discussion thread. Any discussion reply here will be moved or deleted.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    Important notes:
    • Do NOT post fake spoilers, if you already know they're fake.
    • Along with the spoiler, ALWAYS add the source of it with a link and also whether it's confirmed or not.
    • Put text spoilers in quote tags.
    • Do not post babelfish/google translations here, since they're not accurate. You can post those translations in the Spoilers Discussion thread.

    No translated spoilers yet just the Raws on Mangahelpers

    Verification : Confirmed

    Let me break it down for you!

    (My notes from viewing the Pics)
    - Kabuto looks pissed Nagato was sealed

    - Naruto's Kyuubi mode seems to turn off as he makes a shadow clone

    - Itachi talks to Naruto and Naruto thinks about all his friends

    - Itachi takes off

    - Switch to the Edo Mizukage pinned against a rock with shurikens. His Clam starts spraying some gas as he shouts.

    - The Edo Raikage looks like he is being hit by a wave of Sand

    - The 3rd Tsuchikage nearly gets hit mid air by a presumable invisible Edo Tsuchikage. Gaara is helping the 3rd Tsichikage fight.

    - The last scene shows a Rasengan formed from a hand above the 2nd Tsuchikage as Gaara looks WTF surprised looking above.
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