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    Cool naruto itachi begin training

    i made thiz thread becuz i think kishi iz up to somthing,,,i say thiz becuz ,,it seems naruto want to learn how to absorb ninjutsu,,he even asked nagato if he can teach him,,my point iz that,,nagato iz sealed bye bye,finshed,it would be very clever for itachi to show him some secrets and abilitys to use shisuis eye,after all,,that iz why nagato iz dead,,,il explain later....but on tha flip side ,learn a new summon tecnique for shisuis eye,,,i know naruto dont want a crow flying in and out hiz mouth during battles,,,,and from tha looks of it,,naruto hates it,,same goes for tha toad that stored himself in naruto,,plus,,naruto always finds away to cheat a tecnique,,example,1 sage mode at first he had to sit still to gather natures energy,,but now he can make shadow clones that sit and gather natures energy and reverse summon them,which gives him 10 - 15 minutes in sage mode,a big boost from 5 mins,,my point iz naruto iz kinda clever and fast learner when it comes to crunch tyme,,some people will say,,oh naruto dont have tyme to train,yes da hell he doeshiz will,,and determination will allow him to complete any jutsu he laerns,,,which bring us to itachi,,bee already trained naruto by showing him how to contain tha kuubi,,which means theres nothing else to learn from bee except patients,,other than that itachi gave him a very important gift,,and should teach him somthing before it iz to late.....2 be continued

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    would like that happening! but plz stop write like a troll lol

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    There's no time for Itachi to train Naruto. They're in the middle of a war.

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    Itachi has the ability of putting someone under an illusion which seems to have lasted for days even though only seconds have just lasted. And the whole ordeal in the illusion would be still experienced in the world. Itachi could have their training under the Tsukuyumi Illusion. Years of training would just probably take an hour. But of course, I don't want any training arc anymore. Could it happen? plausible. Is it good for the plot? Hell, no... It's enough that Bleach had their version of the time chamber from dragon ball.

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    i was thinking the exact same thing, monte.teacher.

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    Lol, taking a chapter out of dbz again, analogous to the Room of spirit and time.
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