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    Naruto Naruto 375 Discussion

    Now that the scanlation is out, discuss the chapter here!

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    Jiraya went ssj

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    Man, they just keep taking Naruto deeper and deeper. They have been revealing better and better stuff, chapter after chapter. So Jiraiya, his mom, and his dad are one combined being. That is just freaky!? From the piercings and the eyes, I would say that Pain is combining himself with his summons. With perfect ratings, all 5 elements, and the mysterious "Rinnegan", I would say that Pain is most definitely going to win and kill Jiraiya but it looks like Jiraiya's going to put on a great show before he goes. Absolutely can't wait for the next chapter.

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    So Pein is basically God.

    Mastered all the elements at age 10, which blows the fuck out of Itachi's and Kakashi's childhoods combined. And just how many summonings can one person have?

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    What an awesome chapter. Jiraiya summoned the two great hermits. What kind of fight will this turn into now? I cannot wait to see Jiraiya go all out with the aid of the two great hermits.

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    i still feel that pein will win the fight i cant se him losing against no one less then naruto

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    its pretty crazy, Pein is only using summons, and now Jiraiya has to go all out, Pein is still using one method, i wonder what else he got under his sleeves

    GO JIRAIYA!!!!

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    well its obivous that jiraiya cant beat pein but will be a badass fight for sure but i bet hteyl somehow get intrupted halfways in the battle or something or jirayia dieing

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    I admit I started thinking Jiraiya was just a talker with no great power, but now I have to admit I'm sooo impressed, Jiraiya win

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    Jiraiya kinda reminded me of a Ninja-Turtle xD but in this case he turned into a Ninja-Frog xD

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