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    Help...need a new anime to watch

    Like the title says I need a new anime to watch, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of anime's I've watched or am watching:

    Darker then Black
    Samurai Champloo
    Samurai 7
    Needless (I recommend this to anyone who hasnt seen it)
    Death Note (the anime was too boring to keep me interested, but the manga was cool)
    Soul Eater (The anime was enjoyable enough for me to go back and pick up the manga)
    Cowboy bebop (Spike was just cool)
    Fist of the Northstar
    Ninja Scroll (classic)
    Afro Samurai

    I like action. It doesnt have to be an enormous amount, but more then Claymore, which bored me to death. I also like different powers and Needless and Soul Eater. Good animation would be excellent. I also like anime's that have a lighter side to them (comedy) Trigun had its funny parts as did Soul Eater and Needless
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