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    You should read Gai Rei the Manga and Gai Rei Zero the anime

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    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, definitely (trailer). Action-packed fast-paced anime with awesome characters. If there's an anime depicting pure epicness, this is it.

    You might as well enjoy High School of the Dead (opening), which are 13 episodes of high school girls, a lot of tits, a lot of zombies and firearms. It's not that well-done and it lacks sense quite often, but you're going to be entertained for sure.

    And finally, Seirei no Moribito (trailer), a story about a wandering warrior who protects the prince of the region for some time. There are slow-paced episodes, but the action scenes are really well done; the quality of the animation is extraordinary.

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    Try Bamboo blade or Baki!

    Better Watch Out! Obito's Coming To Get You!!!

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    watch,,.. full metal alchemist


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    Finished Full Metal last week. I can honestly say that its one of my favorite animes. I can only assume that the manga was even better. Mustang eventually got his sight back, right? Wrath was a beast. I also liked Lin and Greed. Plus the twist with Holenhiem was awesome. I might go back and watch it from the beginning again, it was that good. I think now I'll checkout, Gungrave, S-cry-ed, and a few others you guys mentioned.

    Thanks again folks for the suggestions.

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    I noticed that you have a few samurai related anime(s) in your list. In that case take a peek here.

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