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    screw tobi i wanna se naruto go 4 tails on orochimaru without 100s of flashbacks

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    The episode did kinda drag... but the animation and the art was done nicely (well, it was better than that last episodes). The beginning of the episode kinda pissed me off, but it was pretty cool when the sand ninja came. The atmosphere they created felt very heart warming. But before they came it was kinda eh (flashbacks, blah). Plus the animation in the beginning when the sand ninjas were running through the forest was nice too.

    The intro and ending credits were cute, haha. But yeah. Hopefully this Orochimaru arc will be promising.

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    in my opinion, this is the best paced episode in shippuuden so far. there was no scene that was stretched, there were no unnecessary scenes added. it shows what a big sacrifice chiyo has made.

    but i really hate the new op. and en.

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    I liked this episode alot
    probably because it was one my favorite parts in the manga
    it seem like it had a much better quality than most other shippuuden episodes. Music was good....sad that chiyo is dead
    this episode finally ended this arc
    Well next episode they're finally leaving so i cant wait for that
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    My beets is now that we have to wait more 5 episodes, to see another one good.

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    i actually thought it was well done, fortunately. the last couple of weeks ive been dreading watchin' Shippudden purely because i am tired of this damn arc.

    but this episode ended it well, and not only made me think about what was goin' on in the show but whats goin on in the manga, and high hopes for Naruto and Gaara's future as Hokage and Kazekage

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    For what the episode was trying to relate, there wasn't actually much to use, so of course it seemed drawn out. They can't just fill alot of random things into an episode, remember that it's an anime so episodes have to have a structure - even if it slows the story-telling down (and content thats been used as a flashback a million times before)

    From the opening, I expect alot from the upcoming arc, and I never expected a Sai-centric ending lmao

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    Promising new intro, 2 chapters of content, and better quality animation, lets just hope they keep this up now. Next episode, Tobi! yea

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    Have the old animation artist's returned?
    Conspiracy theory

    Finally Ekess has Come back to Mangashare
    Finally Ekess has Come back to Boredom Zone
    Finally Ekess has Come back to The Corupted wish game
    Finally Ekess has Come back Home.!


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    the animation was great on this episode


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