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    I'm not advocating one night stands; they're dreadful things. I work in a bar and I am so depressed by the end of my shift from witnessing all the desperate girls and gross, predatorial jocks who are pulling them. And I am nothing but grateful that the few one night flings I've had, I was too drunk to remember them.

    Given the choice to jerk off or have sex with a robot, I can see how it's a close call. The latter probably requires a bit more in the way of clean up, but is probably a bit more interesting than the alternative. But the article mentions falling in love with robots and all that, and unless we somehow unleash artificial intelligence, I think there is something very, very sad about a culture where an intelligent species is falling in love with robots and choosing them over real, live humans. And the thing is, it would probably be like msn/irc/etc.; just as we're a culture that has less face-to-face contact with the advent of the internet and chat services, once these robots you can fornicate with are out and about, people are going to forget how to properly romance a real human being.

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    well... is not that impossible... hell.. people can fall in love with animals, material things. Why not a robot? but this is a very low percentage. Interaction between people is essential for the "love" to occur, if not that means I'm in love every week or two.. which is not the case.
    Also I take offense about the one night stand things lol Unless one is looking for a relationship I dont see what is so bad about them. Im not talking about someone picking up a girl that cant even walk.. talking about a normal go to a club, bar or party talk to a girl and having some fun ;p Sure, sometimes is not as fun as it sounds.. but sometimes it is ... >.<

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