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    Dark Air ~ Park Min-Seo

    Dark Air

    Alternative Name 다크에어
    Years of Released 2010

    Author(s) Park Min-Seo
    Artist(s) Park Min-Seo
    Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Shounen


    The Story takes in a world where magic rules . But all a sudden the People where unable to use magic anymore.
    Various Teams of different fighter types and races are gathering.

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    Like the art looks cool might read it.

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    Actually pretty good manga. Has some aspects of RPG's like certain positions but doesn't seem out of place or unmneccesary. Bad thing about this manga is it's spotty releases. used to think it was just monthly, realize now it's just months between releases. last release was Oct/ Nov. Still a very good read so far with some good twists, strong female characters, as well as great looking female leads. Just hope it starts releasing somewhere close to regularly.
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    Now up to Chapter 30.

    Now seems like another manga that would have so much potential to be animated!
    There are more things in heaven and earth then is dreamt of in your philosophy

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    really enjoying this manhwa so far

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