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    Thumbs up New Forum Structure

    We've renovated the structure of the forums a little bit (okay a lot), the forum homepage will be a little bulkier now but it will fit in nicely with the new skin that's on the way sometime in the not so distant future (this is the reason for this change, to get you used to part of it beforehand).

    It should only take a minute or two to get used to where everything is now. Take a look around, let me know if you run into any issues.

    P.S. There's a new Fairy Tail forum now, check it out and get the ball rolling in there

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    I love it. Looks great!

    Index by sangaz - All Hail Suzumiya-dono

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    Ive noticed, its one more step than it used to be to get to the anime/manga sections and their all seperate rather than in 1 child forum.....Ill get used to it eventually I guess lol, other than that I like the way the forum is going.
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