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    One Piece Dr.Gray-man 220 / 221 predictions

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    People be crazy mate, people be crazy...

    So, who killed the "mother", was it Nea or Mana ? There is a scene of Nea standing on top of the bed emanating blood-lust, while Road is holding the "mother" in her arms (with Bookman obviously recording the event):

    is he emanating it towards her, or towards Mana that killed her ? Then there is the scene where Nea? or someone in ME clothes (unless it's another delusion of Mana/ME to push the deed upon someone else...) brings her out and lies her under the tree that they met, awaiting the final bout with Mana ?:

    or is this scene before she is moved to the house, or perhaps even after Mana absorbed the ME part from Nea, as ME mentions that things returned to the way they were (to the time they were one ?)... ?

    ME claims it was Nea that betrayed first, then he mentions that it was actually Mana's fault. Nea also mentions that it was Mana's fault, after we find out that the current ME is Mana... so which is it ?

    Still, all of that happened because ME was required to battle the Heart ? So they had to become one to fulfill their mission, to complete the "Scenario" and bring the "3 days of darkness" ? But what for ? Is it necessary to kill the Heart, or is there some other purpose for it ?

    Nea mentioned that his purpose is to become ME, which means that he wants to absorb ME parts from Mana (after killing him of course), but after that ? Will he also want to fulfill ME's mission, or does he has other plans ?

    BTW. The wood that destroyed Tim might have been from that "fateful" tree "Cornelia" (I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that ).

    Also, will Alen's eye-color remain yellow from now on, like the Noah's ? Or only when Nea is in control ?:

    Also again, now that I look at some official artworks and illustrations, the amount of pictures showing Allen and ME back to back, or partially split but shown together, plus all the ones with Allen in ME-like clothes (or even his clothes having those clothes reflected)... the foreshadowing was strong in this one it seems (well the thing with the reverse colored swords was one as well I guess)... I also probably mentioned it at least once before .

    Plus here is a page that shows the Mana Walker that Allen met, a bit (for those that forgot how he looked like):

    he really looks like the current face of ME/Mana (at least according to that one panel that show him from the side) and not like Mana's/ME's previous face... could this mean that Mana managed to resurface from ME for some time during those 35 years, where he met up with Allen ? After all, that Mana did teach Allen the writing/notes that the "Composer" used to control the Arc...

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