[03:37] <!Woofcat> so, one I was camping with Chaos,
[03:37] <!Woofcat> he got black out drunk, and we were pretty hammered.
[03:38] <!Woofcat> well I forget how it got started, but somehow a bic lighter wound up in his ass.
[03:38] <!Woofcat> he never said anything ever.
[03:38] <!Woofcat> I mean he had to have shit it out.
[03:38] <!Chaos> this isn't true at all
[03:38] <!Chaos> i said "fuck this burns"
04[03:38] <Shinhan> ...
04[03:38] <Shinhan> what kind of fucking story is this
[03:39] <!Woofcat> There was no fucking
04[03:39] <Shinhan> lighter in ass = fucking
04[03:39] <Shinhan> of some sort
[03:39] <+Mister_Death|Sleep> no
[03:40] <!Chaos> Woofcat, you couldn't get a better crowd
[03:40] <!Chaos> for the lighter in the asshole story?
[03:40] <!Chaos> you disappoint me
[03:40] <thsv> ...
[03:40] <thsv> wow
04[03:40] <Shinhan> lol
[03:40] <thsv> what a story to wake up to
[03:40] <+Mister_Death|Sleep> lol