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[16:45] <bucek> oi, Phixion|busy
[16:45] <bucek> what is the plot of that movie?
[16:52] <Prostyle> hardcore sex with animals
[16:55] <bucek> oh k
[16:55] <bucek> might watch it then
[16:55] <bucek> depends if humans are the side who take over or not

bucek: supporting beastality as long as the humans win

[20:02] <Asce> when i was in the city
[20:02] <Asce> cause i came to a tim hortons
[20:02] <Asce> and i was like "bwah?"
[20:03] <Mister_Death> Asce o/
[20:03] <Phixion|busy> tim hortons...?
[20:03] <Asce> it's a canadian chain coffee store
[20:03] <Asce> coffee house
[20:03] <Asce> w/e
[20:03] <Asce> i've heard Woofcat talk about it so much but never seen one
[20:04] <Asce> so when i was standing in front of one it was lul
[20:04] <Asce> lulz*
[20:04] <Phixion|busy> lul is dutch for cock
[20:04] <Asce> -__-
[20:04] <Asce> swafflen
[20:05] <Phixion|busy> swaffelen*
[20:05] <SeizureMan> lol
[20:05] <Asce> blow me*
[20:05] * Phixion|busy swaffels Asce
[20:05] <Phixion|busy> no wai

Its all in the timing.
i gotta agree with you on that
i suck at timing..