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    continuation of the previous post

    10:29 +Ikki|Touch • ashton

    10:29 +Ikki|Touch • do something crude to the admin and mod
    10:29 +Ikki|Touch • ...
    10:29 +Ikki|Touch • do it ashton
    10:29 +Ikki|Touch • ...

    10:30 +Ikki|Touch • ...
    10:30 ashton • admin ? mod ? and define crude
    10:30 +Ikki|Touch • is english your first language ashton?
    10:30 ashton • no
    10:30 +Ikki|Touch • ...
    10:30 ashton • it's second
    10:30 +Ikki|Touch • ! and @
    10:30 ashton • and i never actually leraned it properly
    10:31 +Ikki|Touch • just do something gross
    10:31 ashton • define crude, what do you want me to do to them, give an example ?
    10:31 +Ikki|Touch • what you were doing before was crude
    10:31 ashton • which part ?
    10:31 ashton • give me an example
    10:31 Shinhan • ...
    10:31 ashton • besides, give me a new idea since it's useless to repeat myself
    10:32 +Ikki|Touch • your turn Shinhan
    10:33 ashton • ...
    10:33 +Ikki|Touch • it
    10:33 +Ikki|Touch • *it's
    10:33 +Ikki|Touch • Shinhans turn to give you an idea
    10:34 ashton • ...
    10:34 ashton • something gross ? you mean like shitting on someone ?
    10:34 Shinhan • ashton will likely be in big trouble later
    10:34 Shinhan • and I'm not getting involved on this one
    10:34 +Ikki|Touch • sure ashton
    10:34 +Ikki|Touch • do that to all the ! and @
    10:35 +Ikki|Touch •
    10:35 ashton • ok and give me an example who should i do it on ?
    10:35 ashton • all ?
    10:35 +Ikki|Touch • yes
    10:35 Shinhan •
    10:35 +Ikki|Touch • ...
    10:35 Shinhan • here's some help
    10:35 Archiel • boo
    10:35 Shinhan • Archiel
    10:35 Shinhan • you scallywag
    10:35 ashton • Ikki|Touch: so basically you want me to shit on Asce Umbra037 Woofcat Geek and thsv because you want me to get banned, ok but don't you think you show a complete lack respect for those people using them in your failed attempts to troll me ?
    10:36 Shinhan › wonders if that was an imposter
    10:37 +Ikki|Touch • ...
    10:37 +Ikki|Touch • yes
    10:37 +Ikki|Touch • and no to failed trolling
    10:37 +Ikki|Touch • because failed would mean you didn't cum on all of them
    10:38 +Ikki|Touch •
    10:38 +Ikki|Touch • ashton you can't come back from what you did
    10:38 ChaosShepherd • im starting to think ot is more likely to get kbed than ashton atm.. lol
    10:38 +Ikki|Touch • even if i told you to do them
    10:39 +Ikki|Touch • Woofcat am i in anyway going to get banned for ashton cumming on all of you?
    10:40 Shinhan • yes

    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • probably ...
    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • but i'll be allowed back in
    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • eventually ...
    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • it'll be just like when you did something wrong
    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • and i got kicked
    10:43 +Ikki|Touch • all the time!

    moar in previous post...

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    Wasn't home last night dumbasses.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    Funny as shit:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikki View Post
    Funny as shit:


    That's way too long and boring. You're not allowed to post in this thread anymore.

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    I agree with the koala moderater....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFX View Post

    That's way too long and boring. You're not allowed to post in this thread anymore.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I agree with the koala moderater....
    By far the funniest parts of that tldr post.
    Dickriding. Because I appreciate it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DFX View Post

    That's way too long and boring. You're not allowed to post in this thread anymore.
    I say we re-enstate Archiel's ban in order to prevent this from ever happening again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
    Troll Tagged by Uzumaki_Tim

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    Shinhan> ChaosShepherd
    <ChaosShepherd> yes?
    <Shinhan> what is the meaning of this
    <Shinhan> Although, kishi will probably never say ichigo is a genius...
    <Shinhan> you're an embarrassment of a minion
    <ChaosShepherd> i doubt he will admit it
    <ChaosShepherd> he will probably say he is skilled because he is isshins son..
    <Shinhan> who?
    <ChaosShepherd> although, at the end i can somewhat see it happening, but i still doubt it
    <Shinhan> who will not say that
    <ChaosShepherd> kishi..
    <ChaosShepherd> like.. having it said in the manga
    <ChaosShepherd> not coming from his father..
    <Shinhan> ...
    <Shinhan> so you're expecting the author of Naruto to say that
    <Shinhan> FUCKTARD
    <orangeJUiCE> lol
    <ChaosShepherd> are you an idiot?
    * orangeJUiCE laughs
    <ChaosShepherd> holy shit
    <Shinhan> ..
    <ChaosShepherd> how have you not gotten what i was saying?
    <ChaosShepherd> did you not even read the post?
    <orangeJUiCE> i came at the right time
    <ChaosShepherd> or are you 100% sure that kishi will at one point have someone in the manga say he is a genius like hitsuguya and gin?
    <Shinhan> ...
    <ChaosShepherd> which, now that i think about it.. kishi might actually have someone say it
    <Shinhan> TITE KUBO you stupid mother fucker
    <ChaosShepherd> oh wtf
    <ChaosShepherd> yeah
    <ChaosShepherd> w/e
    <Shinhan> ...
    * Shinhan banishes you from the channel
    <orangeJUiCE> LOL
    <orangeJUiCE> owned
    <orangeJUiCE> so ChaosShepherd is a fucktard...huh
    <ChaosShepherd> fixt
    <ChaosShepherd> w/e..
    <ChaosShepherd> its my first time making that mistake..
    <orangeJUiCE> not whatever
    <ChaosShepherd> both start with k :-p
    <orangeJUiCE> masashi kishimoto..and tite kubo...damn, ANYONE could've made that mistake
    <ChaosShepherd> when you call them by kishi/kubo..
    <ChaosShepherd> frequently say their names in posts
    <orangeJUiCE> this is so going on the thread
    * orangeJUiCE laughs
    <ChaosShepherd> when you post in both naruto and bleach section..

    Nice one Shinhan

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    Hehe, nice one.. i will say that..

    Playing games while chatting is pure win....

    I think i should go eat dinner. And then sleep.. Cause god knows i need it..

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    [01:49] <ChaosShepherd> you calling me a pedo?
    04[01:49] <Shinhan> yup
    [01:49] <ChaosShepherd> but.. but.. im still 17
    04[01:49] <Shinhan> so its cool for you to bang 10 year olds?
    [01:49] <ChaosShepherd> it should be
    04[01:49] <Shinhan> ...

    Some people are sick!

    Sig and Ava by Imotochan

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