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    22:54 [%Cipo] <zidane|afk> IN YOUR FACE CIPO
    22:54 [%Cipo] mmmh?
    22:54 [Bob_Ross] The game
    22:56 [Ashtonx] cipo - pussy in polish ?
    22:56 [%Cipo] what? O_I
    22:57 [%Cipo] O_O
    22:57 [Ashtonx] Cipa mean pussy in polish
    22:57 [@gin0va] lol
    22:57 [Ashtonx] cipo is a form of cipa
    22:57 [Ashtonx] ie "ty cipo" which means "you pussy"
    22:57 [Ashtonx] so yea, your nickname means pussy in polish
    22:57 [%Cipo] no it isn't
    22:57 [Ashtonx] yes it is
    22:57 [%Cipo] and if it's true that's not the reason why i have this nick
    22:58 [%Cipo] :p
    22:58 [%Cipo] are you polish?
    22:58 [Bob_Ross] yes
    22:58 [Ashtonx] yes i am
    22:58 [Bob_Ross] he's an polish ho
    22:59 [Bob_Ross] a*
    22:59 [%Cipo] Mister_Death
    22:59 [%Cipo] do you hate me today?
    23:00 [Ashtonx] and
    23:00 [Ashtonx] - here you go
    23:00 [Ashtonx] pussy
    23:00 [Ashtonx] Noun
    23:00 [Ashtonx] (slang, vulgar) a woman's vagina
    23:00 [Ashtonx] Polish: cipka
    23:00 [Ashtonx] cipka is another way to say it
    23:00 [%Cipo] ah ok...

    my poor attempts at explaining complicated polish grammer
    23:06 [Ashtonx] 22:54 [%Cipo] <zidane|afk> IN YOUR FACE CIPO - sounds as if he said "in your face pussy"
    23:06 [%Cipo] no he doen't know polish
    23:06 [Ashtonx] bitch could be used to
    23:06 [%Cipo] doesn't*
    23:06 [%Cipo] he's just a scumbag XD
    23:06 [Ashtonx] still
    23:06 [Ashtonx] thanks to your name
    23:06 [Ashtonx] just saying something to you
    23:07 [Ashtonx] makes it sound as if someone called you pussy
    23:07 [%Cipo] and i assume he said it because AC milan hasn't win tonight
    23:07 [Ashtonx] just adding
    23:07 [Ashtonx] Cipo: at the begining
    23:07 [Ashtonx] is like using
    23:07 [Ashtonx] pussy:
    23:07 [Ashtonx] or bitch
    23:07 [%Cipo] lol
    23:07 [Ashtonx] or whatever
    23:07 [Bob_Ross] Cipo Cipo
    23:07 [Ashtonx] since cipo is used in that way

    i'll leave it for asce to clean that up if there's any junk, i'm too tired for that crap

    Never give me free reign to delete your post because...I'll just delete your post.

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    Whitebeard comes back and just fucks everything up.

    <Whitebeard> god my balls reek, who knew fapping 5 times in 2 days could end up like this
    <Woofcat`> its amazing
    <Woofcat`> Whitebeard: showa?
    <Whitebeard> i took one this morning but fapped afterwards. God Im such an idiot
    <Whitebeard> and now my boxers are all soggy
    <Whitebeard> from my balls smelling so bad
    <Woofcat`> Do you eat chicken nuggets with that hand?
    <Whitebeard> after i wash my hands yeah
    <Woofcat`> have you considered washing your balls
    <Whitebeard> why
    * recco ( has joined #mangashare
    <Whitebeard> i did wash my balls
    <Whitebeard> and they still rek
    <Whitebeard> *reek
    <Woofcat`> hhmm
    <Whitebeard> only a shower does it now
    <recco> what an awkward time to enter the room
    <Woofcat`> perhapse removing them will do it
    <Whitebeard> nooo not my buddies
    <Woofcat`> lol recco
    <recco> i have often thought about newting myself, i think it would benifit society to be honest :/
    <Whitebeard> why not just kill urself then
    <Woofcat`> Whitebeard: has been entertaining himself far too much vs his shower schedule.
    <recco> lol
    <recco> nno killing myself would prove useless, i think suicide killings would be more productive
    <Woofcat`> Whitebeard: well, sex minus condom + no chance of kids does have its ups
    <Whitebeard> idk girls might find it weird fucking a guy with no balls
    <recco> lmao
    <Woofcat`> Whitebeard: ...
    <Woofcat`> you still have them
    <Woofcat`> sigh,
    <Woofcat`> nvm
    <Woofcat`> go ask yahoo answers
    <recco> lol
    <Woofcat`> best personal advice outthere
    <recco> or wikihow
    <Woofcat`> seriously post "my balls smell, what to do?"
    <Whitebeard> god im seriously considering taking a shower right now
    <Woofcat`> so do it
    <Woofcat`> or fucking lysol your balls
    <Whitebeard> shower it is
    <Woofcat`> use a wet cloth
    <Woofcat`> you are the first person i have met
    <Woofcat`> who smelled bad enough to bitch about it
    <Woofcat`> yet still debated a shower


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    ^ Woofcat's discussion with whitebeard over whitebeard's ball-stench, shrunk for size-saving convenience.

    I sympathize with your indecision over whether to shower and was your balls or not but not quite so on the stink part... it's not like you're smelling your fapping-hand willingly or shoving your head down your pants...

    <+Mister_Death> abstinence doesnt work
    <+ninjastik> the bible proves it
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    We were talking about court.

    [@gin0va] sitting at the police station aint fun either
    [@gin0va] i got accused of sticking rocks in a girl's ass
    [@gin0va] or something


    And another one popped up. :3

    [Cipo|holic] woah the guy with the overall in xxxholic reminded me a porn that i saw long time ago
    [%Mass^Zero] A porn long time ago
    [%Mass^Zero] and you're 16
    [%Mass^Zero] naughty boy.
    [Cipo|holic] XD
    [%zidane|afk] hahaha
    [Cipo|holic] it was 1 year ago or smth
    [%Mass^Zero] At that age I was forced to watch Sesame Street!
    [Cipo|holic] i remember the cock of the guy too :|
    [%Mass^Zero] ...
    [%Mass^Zero] I think you're remembering the wrong thing.
    • Cipo|holic goes to vomit
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    <!Woofcat> O
    <!Woofcat> k
    <!Woofcat> So
    <!Woofcat> i had a pair of sisissors
    <!Woofcat> and well
    <!Woofcat> I just cut my sock off
    <!Woofcat> why?
    <!Woofcat> because it was fucking awesome
    <!Woofcat> it felt so surreal

    This makes me very very scared of woofcat for some reason.

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    <RedneckNoob> Obxist, I'm probably the best writer in here. My literary prowess is astounding, so much so that it begs the question: "How did a Redneck gain such skill?"
    <Chaos> RedneckNoob, i object!
    <RedneckNoob> Denied.
    <RedneckNoob> The motion still stands.
    <Archiel> boooooooo
    <RedneckNoob> Will the clerk stand and read the title of the next bill.
    <Chaos> "an act to rid #mangashare of homosexuals"
    * Whitebeard has quit (Quit: )

    <Chaos> wow
    <Chaos> that was the best timing
    <RedneckNoob> LOL
    <Chaos> ever
    <ninjastik> lol
    <Chaos> i was gonna kick RedneckNoob
    <Chaos> but that was even better
    <RedneckNoob> Hahahaha


    <Chaos> Archiel, is your girlfriend as hot as your sister?
    <Chaos> muahaha, most uncomfortable question ever!
    <Archiel> my sister is a dog, so i can say yes quite easily
    <Archiel> no uncomfortability whatsoever
    <Archiel> err...oh
    <Archiel> the question was hot as...


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    <@zidane> I'm officially saying it, only once.
    <@zidane> If someone finds me an awesome translator for a one-shot.
    <@zidane> I'll kiss his/her ass, twice.
    <%Wingzy> zidane, what would you do if i just had a dump and i said i was a translator?
    <@zidane> I'm so insanely happy right now

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    evil misquote... I was happy about finding that raw on some french site...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21ps View Post
    evil misquote... I was happy about finding that raw on some french site...
    That is a lie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zidane21ps View Post
    evil misquote... I was happy about finding that raw on some french site...
    That's the whole point of a misquote

    [20:50] <zidane> thank in the thread and make my e-peen bigger, Phixion|study

    [20:51] <Phixion|study> when i click a link in irc it auto opens in IE
    [20:51] <Phixion|study> and then im not logged in
    [20:51] <zidane> go delete IE
    [20:51] <Phixion|study> no
    [20:51] <zidane> IE is Satan.
    [20:51] <Phixion|study> there are some exams at school i can only do if i have IE
    [20:51] <zidane> you want satan on your computer?
    [20:52] <Mister_Death> zidane, Phixion|study is atheist so he doesnt believe in satan
    [20:53] <zidane> it's just a metaphor for evil
    [20:53] <Phixion|study> im christian
    [20:53] <Mister_Death> quiet Phixion|study
    [20:53] <zidane> lolowned
    [20:54] <smog> Phixion|study
    [20:54] <smog> go delete IE
    [20:54] <smog> do it
    [20:54] <Phixion|study> no
    [20:54] <Phixion|study> i need it for my programming exams
    [20:54] <smog> theres no excuse for having it
    [20:54] <zidane> hahaha
    [20:54] <smog> unless you're erynism

    20:56] <gin0va> Phixion|study, this is why dutchies dont feel welcome here
    [20:56] <gin0va> theyre all racist for dutch people
    [20:56] <smog> no gin0va
    [20:56] <gin0va> yes smog
    [20:56] <Phixion|study> agree
    [20:56] <smog> we're all gay for dutch people
    [20:56] <gin0va> thats racism too.
    [20:56] <Phixion|study>
    [20:56] * smog scratches his head
    [20:57] <smog> i've just called myself gay
    [20:57] <Phixion|study> irc thread?
    [20:57] <zidane> so I heerd you liek mudkipz, Phixion|study ???
    [20:57] <smog> how is that.. oh nvm
    [20:57] <gin0va> on my deviantart:
    [20:57] <gin0va> Member
    [20:57] <gin0va> I am an IRC Addict
    [20:57] <gin0va> Gino
    [20:57] <gin0va> 18/Male/Netherlands
    [20:57] <gin0va> Why I Am Here
    [20:57] <gin0va> - To appreciate art
    [20:57] <gin0va> - To become a better artist
    [20:57] <gin0va> - To view pretty, pretty mudkips
    [20:57] * zidane summons mudkips
    [20:57] <gin0va> I like the options
    [20:57] <zidane> RedneckNoob: your turn
    [20:58] * smog facepalms
    [20:58] * zidane facepalms
    [20:58] * zidane immitates smog
    [20:58] <zidane> wait, that would make me gay, too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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