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    1. Mihawk
    2. Zorro

    swordman is the best for me....

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    Sanji + Luffy = Sanjuffy trebay57's Avatar
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    Kansas City, Kansas
    Quote Originally Posted by xelnoroi View Post
    not too small, says the Smallville is there....hometown of Clark Kent...
    Basically Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO border each other. If I drove there from my house, it'd take like 20 minutes to cross the state border. Both cities together are the metropolitan area.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain_Lion_Link View Post
    Anyways, Kansas City eh? Is this a small planet or what?
    I guess so. I was born in KCK, and I've been here all my life.
    Excuse me, may I see yo panties?

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    1. Zoro in all his boneheaded glory.
    2. I do like Sanji but I hate the fact that he reduces women to mere objects for the sole reason that they fuel is lunatic Mr Prince complex.
    3. Luffy's laugh is contagious. How can anyone not love him?

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    1 Zoro
    2 Sogeking
    3 Luffy

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    1 Zorro
    2 Luffy
    3 Ace
    4 Shanks
    5 Chopper

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    This guy...


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    oh good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luka88 View Post
    oh good work
    Inoue-san, the Animation Director/Storyboard Artist/Lead Character Designer of the One Piece anime, drew that on a t-shirt for me. XD

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    Zoro - Same as me, doesn't like to be disturb and dumb. Going always in the wrong way.
    Sanji - I know how to cook food and always fantasizing hot girls.
    Luffy - I always smile like I don't have problem and very dumb.
    Robin - She's attractive. (I'm not gay. LOL)
    Nami - I like her being Greedy and childish hot chick.
    Franky - He look stupid and I like hes moves. *Super* dancing like freak same as me.

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    [url=http://www.bleachpor maxie009's Avatar
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    1) Sanji (so cool)
    2) zoro (the three blade is cool)
    3) Franky (the weapon are cool)

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