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    Must See Kung Fu Titles

    I grew up loving Kung Fu movies. Please share any titles that you believe are great and worth a view!

    Ip Man 1 and 2, Kung fu Hustle, Iron Monkey, Lord of the Wu Tang, Mystery of Chessboxing, Wing Chun, Crouching Tiger, Drunken Master, Enter 36 chambers, Chocolate, House of Flying Daggers...just to name a few.

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    how about Kung Fu Panda....lmao...sorry I couldnt help myself.

    Drunken Masters and 36 chambers are cool. So is Ghostface Killa (I think that was title). I still have to check Ip friend was telling me about it the other day.

    Your missing one of the best Kung fu movies ever: The 5 Deadly Venoms

    Favorite Manga/Anime Characters
    Naruto, Orochimaru, Jariya, Itachi, Ichigo, Mayuri, Kenpachi, Mugen, Vash the Stampede, "L", Edward Elric, Reborn, Rokudo Mukuro, Black Star, Dr. Fraken Stein, Death the Kid

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    Karate Kid (2010)

    ...since Jackie Chan was the mentor and he was teaching Jaden kung fu, it becomes a must-see kung fu movie.hahah!
    It's weird they took the that title when kung fu was the real sport in the movie.

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