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    Reborn 348 Discussion/349 Predictions

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn chapter 348

    Thanks a lot MangaStream for the new chapter

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    It's probably Tsuna and Reborn, currently on a weird hiking trip.

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    Great chapter!

    Flan was just hilarious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    It's probably Tsuna and Reborn, currently on a weird hiking trip.
    I was thinking that too but I think it's just Reborn by himself.

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    Haha pineapple fairy. Fran shoulda been around long ago
    Hey baby, wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis?

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    Man Fran had me ROTFL. The dude is out of his mind right now. So I'm assuming the Vendice Arcobelano is Bermuda. That leaves me with the question: who is Aria? Is that the girl with the pacifier from the Funeral Reath Arc? Also, it propably doesnt mean anything, but I'm curious why Skull is the only one that doesnt seem to have an animal. Fon has a monkey, Colonello has a bird, Verde has a alligator, Reborn has a lizard, and Mammon has a frog. Lastly, what do you think is up with Mammon's halo, sometimes its there and sometimes its not. I wonder what the significance of it is.

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    AW Fran is so cute~. Oh anyway Aria is Yuni's mom. She was also boss of the Giglio Nero before Yuni. She's the one (in anime) that made Tsuna do all that crap. Like buy chocolate carry boxes of clothes, and basically implied Tsuna was a "player" cause she thought Chrome, Kyouko, and Haru was his girlfriend, and she is also the one Gamma liked. If I remember right Mammons Halo is the frog and when it's activated it's like his Arco. form. Skull's pet btw is a giant Octopus I think from like the mafia land mini arc. Plus he uses it again in a filler episode.

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    I think this was one of the harder chapters to translate into English (Just like Medaka Box lol). I wonder who Fran chooses to go with, I bet it'll be Varia. Glad to see Fon making his first manga appearance in current time (it's about damn time lol). Anyway, this chapter wasn't half bad, seems like Reborn is getting back on track after those crappy arcs (Future Arc 2nd half & Inheritance Ceremony). Did they even have that dumbass ceremony after all was said and done?

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    Omfg, I love Fran xD

    Best chapter in a loooong time IMO. I loved seeing Mukuro getting all upset and him and Squalo fighting over who gets Fran

    I have a feeling he chose to go with some third party, probably Mammon or Reborn if he happens to randomly be there (which is entirely possible). I would want him to choose to go with the Kokuyo so Mukuro can teach him badass illusion skillz but whatever, at least it seems like Reborn is back to being awesome again ;D

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    Haha I really liked this chapter. I absolutely LOVE Fran, everything he says and does is so priceless! I agree with the randomly appearing Reborn haha he does that a lot. Now correct me if I misunderstood, but Fran is the future leader of Varia?? If so he's gotta be pretty damn strong!

    I see the start of an addiction! Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one.

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    ^ No, he(?) just took Mammon's place as Varia illusionist, after she(?) killed herself after Colonelo gave up his life to protect her(?) in the future.

    I wonder how many teams of arcobaleno were there between the Vindice baby (seen to be in that state at least since the Primo generation) and the current one (born more or less at the time of 8th or 9th Vongola boss).

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