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    I would have to interpret it as the 4th sealing half with himself and half with naruto. Maybe by tying half of the evil chakara to himself he has a chance of escaping the death god's belly? Just a little wishful thinking, I would love to see the 4th in action. I bet he is ridiculous and it would be nice for Naruto to have a father for a while, but he would cry later when his dad had to die again.
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    The Shiki Fuujin takes both the user and the target of the jutsu into the belly of the Shinigami. However we do know from the Third's use of it that a portion of the target can be taken as well.

    The Fouth also uses two different seals as mentioned in the pictures above, Hakke and Shishou seals. I would appreciate a more literal translation of these seal names, to see if we can guess at their purposes.

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    well this is why the 9 tails aint after his missing chakra. half of endless is still endless

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    If someone can get me the raws of those pages I might be able to give you a more literal meaning of hakke and shishou. Of course it'll have to wait until this evening, I've got places to go <_<

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    Going way back to when Jiraiya examined the seal after the prelims of the chuunin exam, from the translation i have, shishou supposedly means "four elephants" seal.

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    I like lumiacs idea

    but how bout naruto is the good half and the evil half is sealed within
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    thats so cliche -_- but i agree
    i think naruto's gonna have this fuxing powerful but evil side to him n then he'll battle the evil and then learn to control it and then he becomes even stronger without the evil side =P

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    lol like ichigo

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    wouldnt one think that to split the chakra into 2 kills a person/thing??
    so of course the other side of the yin is seal inside naruto. it never said that it wasnt inside naruto. it just said seal. onyl reason why he went into so much trouble splitting it into two paths, sealing one path and other path leading to naruto's chakra system.
    but eventually we'll find out

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    I have been following you guys for several weeks now here are 10 points to ponder:-

    1) Naruto only has half of the Kyuubi locked in him, the only reason the demon has not reacted is because it is an sprit with vast amounts of power. Remember 'One swipe of its tail could level mountains'.

    2) Jiraiya will die in this fight, he is aware of this.

    3) Naruto will eventually over come his short comings and think faster.

    4) Sasuke will not kill Itachi, he is not strong enough...yet.

    5) Naruto WILL kill Paine taking revenge for Jiraiya.

    6) Naruto WILL come of age after that act and learning of his heritage from the toads.

    7) Naruto WILL face Tobi in a decisive battle.

    8) Naruto MUST and WILL kill Sasuke.

    9) Naruto WILL finally develop the ultimate jutsu and he will face another stronger than Tobi.

    10) Jiraiya made a mistake...Naruto is the Destained Child.

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