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First off: Hilarious Minato/Kushina picture. I've thought of that exact scenario before... the "fastest ninja in the world" paired with the chick with the highest stamina can only lead to suffering in the bedroom, but at least Naruto's got the makings to be a real stud when you combine the two.

Second, I think space/time may be linked to the Sharingan for several reasons. The bending of time/reality seems akin to bending the form an object takes, not too different from how Genjutsu can alter one's perception of reality. Tsukuyomi forces the victim to experience multiple days' worth of suffering within a brief moment. Sasuke was able to take control of Orochimaru's alternate dimension by using his basic Sharingan genjutsu. Even the nature of the Sharingan's enhanced reflexes can be seen as experiencing "time" on a different level than everyone else... the Sharingan users literally see the opponent's movements before they happen.

I think the Sharingan's powers over Genjutsu, which are based on altering one's perception of reality, stem from the essence of all spiritual energies in the Narutoverse, providing a concept and design out of imagination. Space/time jutsu, which bends the laws or current state of reality, must also be heavily based on spiritual energies, although unlike pure Genjutsu it has actual, physical effects on reality. However, the Sharingan is the only tool that can perfectly synchronize Genjutsu with reality, giving it a vastly superior control over space/time jutsu as well.
No, it's more reasonable to belive that it comes from physical energies, as the only known time-space users, were Tobirama (a senju), Minato (he was a hokage, so his rather closer to the senju), Kakashi (a hokage candidate) and Tobi (who posses senju genes from the first).

Though, I belive it's actually one of the powers that have close to perfect blending of spiritual and physical energies (this as well would explain why Tobi can use it). Gravity and time-space ninjutsu, could be consider a superior element, only seen from people who excel at both energies.

Tobirama, Minato, Kakashi, the 3 of them are closer to senju (well one of them is ;p), but doesn't posses that great stamina (compared to some senju/uzumaki monsters ;p), but they excel more at technique and speed, and 2 of them have been shown to be capable of using a genjutsu (although Kakashi's genjutsu talent seems to be lesser than Tobirama's, but he backs it up with his sharingan). It's only reasonable to belive that only people capable of handling both energies can use time-space ninjutsu, just like Tobi, who certainly has both of them.

Was Tobi really talking about a new jutsu and not about that the EMS is a new doujutsu (not a jutsu like amaterasu but an eye jutsu like byakugan) ?