But PyroTI, the thing is, in all the other fights, something happens so that it doesn't even feel like it lasted 4-6 chapters. For example, Zaraki VS Ichigo - Ichigo ran around, after freaking out that he couldn't cut Zaraki, then he remembered something that Urahara taught him. After a flashback, he's able to cut Zaraki. Zaraki goes insane and stuff and nearly kills Ichigo. Zangetsu pops up on the verge of death and sends him into the inner world. Ichigo fights hollow Ichigo and wins after asking Zangetsu to tell Ichigo about himself. Ichigo pops back into reality, then the final blow is sent.

I could describe it more actually and there's actually more to that, but don't feel like it.

Now, on the latest Grimmjaw VS Ichigo fight - Orihime heals them both. Ichigo uses bankai and the two of them swing their sword around. Finally Ichigo summons his hollow mask and Grimmjaw releases. They run at each other trying to kill each other. Out of no where, Orihime cheers and Ichigo suddenly bursts with power or something.

I just can't help ,but find the fight emo...