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    Lightning VS Earth element - The confusion

    Well I just though share something that kishi appears to either left something out about this element match up or has done a mistake. I'm hoping its the former.

    Will start with what the manga is saying

    Manga facts

    We are told when Naruto is training for his wind element that lightning is a bad match against earth. Yamato then says to naruto "your lucky your not a earth user me" because sasuke uses lighting.

    Now in the recent chapter with the third raikage told the allaince that all shinobi apart from earth users should retreat. The thrid raikage(black lightning user) is trying to save shinobi from needless deaths yet says earth element shinobi should fight him.

    Laws of nature

    Earth doesnt conduct electricty this why when there's a lightning strike all the people on earth dont die from the 1000000 volts coming at the earth.

    The vertict

    Now the the part with raikage against the army is following logic that earth users should have advantage to lighnting users due how nature works. But yamato told naruto earth is weak against lightning.

    Confusing isnt it

    So which is it?

    Is lightning weak against earth like it should be and yamato is a noob


    Is lightning strong against earth and therefore making the third raikage a noob? This doesn't sound right, noob and kage shouldnt co-exist.
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