Heh, even I was expecting more talk than we got. I guess we have Kabuto to thank for not making that happen lol. But, I am not at all disappointed about it. Itachi's reaction was a lot more controlled than I expected it to bee too after hearing what became of Sasuke. And also, now we know without a doubt that Itachi did exactly what Madara described to Sasuke after his fight with Itachi. Anyway, as usual, fights that involve Itachi are always great, and this time, he doesn't have the luxury of holding back like he seems to do all the time. And then there's Nagato with all the powers of the 6 Paths in one person. So Naruto and Bee will be in for fight. They oughta be lucky Kabuto didn't completely kill there emotions yet.

So, the crow wasn't just for Sasuke's sake, it was something to activate in case of an MS jutsu. Now I'll have to go back to the "Itachi's Gift" thread to see what I wrote all those months ago. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.