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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    Isn't it obvious? To prepare him for Sasuke!
    Then we finally get to see how Naruto would perform with Sasuke! xD

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    Okey.. first of all; FCKIN FCKIN EPICCCCCCC!!!

    Let me start by saying, that I was right from the beginning.. that the second Kyuubi attack was executed mostly for the part that Konoha would " think ", that Uchiha were behind the attack. Nobody witnessed Madara when he attacked ( only Minato and Kushina ), but they both died after sealing the 9 tails into Naruto. That leaded more hatred against the Uchiha and the Uchiha Clan already felt locked out, because 2th Hokage made them " Military Police " for having better watch over them.

    - Madara wanted to play out Konoha vs. Uchiha and vice versa. Madara still wanted his revenge on his clan ( because they turned their backs to him decades ago, when most of his members chose Hashirama above him).

    Madara knew about Itachi's and Sasuke's existence.. he simple waited for the right moment to attack. By his attack, he wanted to make Konoha vulnerable for attacks as well from the " outside " and " inside " AND his aim was to have a fresh, young vessel Uchiha.

    Itachi seems to be far superior then he thought, so his goal became eventually Sasuke. Madara is the one who fcked up Naruto's and Sasuke's life up-side down in a blink of an eye. I never thought about this, but WHAT IF Madara had control over Fugaku ( Itachi's dad ) all those time??
    Fugaku, was the " Leader " of the Coup against Konoha and Fugaku and Mikoto were both NOT AT HOME, when Kyuubi attacked ?!?! Itachi was all alone and holding Sasuke in his arms, when 9 tails made his attack. Besides that; Kushina even TOLD MIKOTO about her having the birth of Naruto?

    Anyways, let me point some things out:

    1. Itachi left eye Mangekyou Sharingan is for physical attacks; Amatarasu. BUT THE MOMENT when he used his right eye; T- Yomi eye, the crow inside of Naruto reacted to burst out of him.. so lets see;

    A. In the beginning, I thought that crow was meant to block any genjutsu from a sharingan user and making the person BLIND, when he would have used his sharingan on Naruto ( meaning why Itachi hoped that Naruto, wouldn't had used on Sasuke )

    B. Then, I thought that it would give him ( Itachi ) a moment for having a talk with Sasuke about what really happened.

    C. Later on; I came with the idea, that that " CROW " was going to be the neccesary power ( spiritual energy ) for making Naruto to have Rinnegan for a temporarely time period.

    ^^ Point " B ", isn't the case.. because why would he want to take out the crow, if it was meant to have a talk with his little brother.

    Now, I'm hesitating between A and C. The moment when Itachi used his T- Yomi, the crow reacted. Right before he activates his right eye, Itachi says: " Lets see what happens " ? This means: Because of Naruto's new form, Itachi wanted to test out if the outcome of his crow, would still be the same,.. IF NARUTO DIDN'T had this new transformation.

    IF THIS ^^^^ is true, then it means that we will see Itachi having the side-effects of that crow in the next chapters. I'm NOT ruling out the fact, that Itachi's powers would still be in Naruto's benefit, in the end of the manga. IT COULD STILL play out in Naruto's and Sasuke's favor, why? IF the crow IS the necessary esset for him to awaken Rinnegan, then it wouldn't backfire anymore at Sasuke ( like Itachi thought it would happen ).

    2. IF Itachi's Grand Fireball Element was " too HOT " for Samehada, then it means that Samehada couldn't handle " Amatarasu, period.

    3. HOW FCKIN AWESOME is My Man " Itachi Uchiha " ? Shuriken Crows, Fire Shurikens.. his UNBELIEVEABLE fastpaced T-Yomi, pffff; Itachi Uchiha, is still for me: the perfect shinobi in Naruto Manga. Sacrificing his own life to save his village and little brother, his personality.. truelly amazing, hands down.

    4. Kabuto is gonna fail BIG TIME, just like Orochimaru I mean; Itachi Uchiha is the " King " in analyzing and planning, but Madara Uchiha, is really: the " Emperor ".
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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    Chapter 549

    This chapter is pretty good and from that, we can expect some good fightings. We have some of our question answered i guess.
    Though it may not look as cool as the sharingan in the eye, the sharingan from the crow in his mouth is quite good. Didn't expect this one. But don't you think that the crow's sharingan looks a bit different than the other sharingans?
    It has four edged whereas the other ones have 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    I think it would depend on if Bee got hit with Tsukiyomi, would the Hachibi share the same "time" with him. Cuz as we all know, Itachi's Tsukiyomi effects the target's perception of time culminating in a full force Mindfuck genjutsu that felt like days in a matter of seconds. If he did, then Bee might be saved from the worst effects of Tsukiyomi. If not, well, he's screwed cuz by the time the Hachibi snaps him out of it, he'd have already taken the brunt of the attack.

    And I also agree. It's about time Kishi showed Itachi for the (I know it in my heart) extremely versatile ninja and ninjutsu expert he is. You just gotta know he's got a ton of techniques up his sleeves (and eyes?). I mean, a guy who keeps his Sharingan on constantly must be copying techniques left and right. So he's gotta have a decent stockpile to delve into if need be.
    Yeah, I'm willing to bet it would shift and distort the temporal space with both Host & Beast.

    Hachibi would snap him out of it, but he'd still be damn drained from the relatively short duration of the attack. What SHOULD worry Bee & hachibi is the effortless way Itachi trapped one of the strongest shinobi seen in the manga.

    "For I being a poor man, have only my dreams & I have spread them beneath your feet. Tread carefully, for you tread upon my dreams."

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    this is going to be epic.
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moork View Post
    Recall Itachi's conversation with Naruto way back when he first gave him that crow "gift". Itachi KNEW Sasuke attacking the Leaf was a possible outcome of his mission, so I don't find it too surprising.

    I always figured Itachi's gift was something to counter the power of MS, though I thought it would focus specifically on Itachi's eyes. Given the revelations of the Rikudo Sage (Uchiha and Senju powers combined) the theory of that gift turning Naruto into the next sage arose, but now that doesn't seem as likely.

    Who knows...seems we'll find out soon enough.
    Yea, I know. I just figured the thought of Sasuke not doing what Itachi envisioned would get more of a reaction out of him. It kind of did at the very least.

    I had always figured Itachi's gift would be something for Sasuke specifically. But now thinking about it, it would make more sense that it would be something to work against the Sharingan (and MS) in general considering Naruto would eventually be facing Sasuke and/or Madara at some point in time. And thinking about it some more, it would make sense if his gift was something that sealed the Sharingan entirely. That's definitely a possibility as well. We'll find out soon.

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    The fight was fairly good, unfortunately the dilog was horrendous.

    I am interested to see how this plays out though, I will reserve my final judgement until I have seen where this encounter goes.

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    Hey Artifice, I commented earlier that you must be encouraged by the fact Kishi shares your apparent love of the Fire Element, he added some newer manipulations via Itachi.

    "For I being a poor man, have only my dreams & I have spread them beneath your feet. Tread carefully, for you tread upon my dreams."

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    You know, I doubt Itachi's Tsukiyomi would affect Bee at all.

    In that "other world" the Bijuu and Jinchuuriki share, it's basically like they're sharing their minds with eachother. Time and space appear completely irrelevent, essentially like Itachi's genjutsu world. The moment Itachi unleashed even his Tsukiyomi Hachibi would just jolt Bee again and snap him out of it: there's no way Itachi could separate Bee and Hachibi's minds in that state.

    There's a reason even Madara acknowledged Bee as a perfect Jinchuuriki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    I think Madara made it quite clear that he didn't want a ZombiShisui moving around under Kabuto's control. So there's no need to contemplate that.
    Madara has already seen how to perform the Edo Tensie Ritual, Kabuto showed it to him. So If he wants to, he can just do it himself. He can have Shisui under his control since he is the caster. I think it's highly plausible.

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