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    ikr, how the hell does Madara know all this crap? He probably been spying on the Leaf village. And he was a former Mizukage..

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    The crow is being activated by Itachi on purpose. That is Itachi using his own will not under control. At least that's how I see it.

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    I'll wait to say whether the crow will respond to Saskue. But this was still pure awesome. Kishi's about to answer one of three most anticipated questions in Naruto verse.

    1.) What did Itachi give Naruto?
    2.) What is "That Jutsu"?
    3.) What is the Final Sharingan Tech?

    All the jinchiruki would've been captured a long time ago if Madara decided to pair these two from the start. Hell, they would've murdered Jariya and snatched Naruto back pre-time skip.

    Funniest part was when Nagato said "seperate us Naruto, I cant move well on my own". Kabuto said, thats what you think.

    Honorable Mention Question: Is Orochimaru really Dead/Gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobirama Senju View Post
    ikr, how the hell does Madara know all this crap? He probably been spying on the Leaf village. And he was a former Mizukage..
    Thats what Ive trying to argue in most forums with guys with my uchiha fox attack thread.

    Madara knew alot about the leaf's TOP SECRET missions. Like itachi mission and naruto's birth and they are seriouly looking like to be totally related events.

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    Hooooo, so the crow's sharingan, isn't Itachi's MS, that's interesting, is it already matured enough to be used ( a product of both bloodlines ?) by Naruto ?

    Oh right, it seems that the crow came up after Itachi activated both of his eyes, the first panel shows the activation of his right eye and the middle of the left one.

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    Senior Member kiduka's Avatar
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    The Reverse Crow Deepthroat,

    A few chapters ago Kishi made Naruto deepthroat a toad. Why does he insist on abusing Naruto like this lol

    Awesome Chapter though

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    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    Humm, it seems itachi's gift has something to so wtih negating ms techs. I hope its more than that. Abit disapointing, naruto can alreasy dodge the black flames, and genjutsu should be able shrug it off if naruto turned into sage mode after while riko mode or something.

    So far this gift seems redundant for naruto.

    Bee seems to taking it easy, hasnt even used a cloak mode or anything.

    looks like madara played his cards VERY well with Itachi, even itachi didnt realise how much madara knew about him. This comes backs to my thread about how does madara find out about top secret leaf activaties. Itachi's mission, naruto's birth etc..

    Madara did say " I dont think even itachi knew how much I knew"

    Once again more mystery from kishi.
    i dont think the gift is redundant for naruto, if it does what you said, ( negate amateratsu ) i think its a great deal, being able to dodge amateratsu doesnt mean naruto can handle it when its being used as a shield, like haikage could dodge it and yet lost an arm.

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    Any chapter with itachi is full points in my book. i hope we get to delve a little deeper into the uchiha slayings. Itachi was uber cool and deadly,but to take on the entire elite corps of the uchiha......something's missing there

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Now we've gotta wait seven days to see what was up with those goddamn crows.

    Gotta love everyone kissing Naruto's nine-tailed ass these days!

    Love the Itachi/Nagato duo... Nagato's all smiles and completely chill, and Itachi's got an intense look on his face every single panel. Wonder how many chapters it'll take for them to finally share their brilliant plan (whatever it is) with Naruto. Or maybe they'll continue to walk around on their own (at about two miles per hour) and work from the shadows.

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    Yup nothing less than Epic!

    - KB hides his 7 blades inside the Sameahada's mouth

    - Pretty much what I imagined KB takes on Itachi while Naruto deals with Nagato

    - That crow Itachi placed in his mouth we may learn of its use earlier than expected.

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